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The Jinou people are incredibly knowledgeable about their forests and claim to have uses for most of the plants that they find there.基诺族对于森林的知识学得让人难以置信,他们声称能够利用在这儿找到的大多数植物。They have names for them all, those good for eating and some which even have strong medicinal qualities.所有的植物都被基诺族人命名,有些吃起来不错,有的植物甚至还有很高的药用价值。By working here, the Jinou play a similar role to the elephants, opening up the forest, bringing space, light and diversity.通过在这儿劳动,基诺族人扮演了一个与大象相似的角色:开发森林,拓展空间以便带来阳光与生物多样化。Green, fast growing species are encouraged. Insects are in high abundance here, together with the animals that feed on them.绿色植物--生长迅速并有很强的竞争优势。这儿的昆虫资源也极其富足,以昆虫为食的动物也不少。Knowledge of the forest enables the Jinou to find not just plants, but other tasty forest food too.基诺族人掌握的关于森林的知识使他们能够找到植物之外的其它美味可口的森林食品。Forest crabs are common here, feeding on the abundant leaf litter. This will be a tasty addition to the evening meal.丛林地蟹在这儿很常见它们以充足的废叶为食。晚餐又多了一道美味可口的菜肴。 /201405/294429。


The monsoon which sustains this lush and fertile valley owes its very existence to the Tibetan plateau. Like a giant hotplate, the plateau heats up in the spring and summer.多亏了高原的存在,才有了为绿色富饶峡谷带来活力的季风。高原像一个巨大的加热板,春温夏暖。The change in air pressure draws in warm moist air from the Indian Ocean in the south. Thanks to this, over a billion people from India to Burma benefit fromthe monsoon rain that this wind brings with it.气压的变化引来了南面印度洋的温热潮湿的空气,幸亏这样,从印度到缅甸的十亿多人,都得益于季风带来的季风雨。Tibet is the engine that drives the fertility of a whole subcontinent. But Tibet has an even greater role in the ecology of the region.西藏就是保持整个次大陆肥沃的动力。但是西藏在地区生态方面扮演着更重要的角色。Clues to this function are found in a legend that pre-dates even the ancient Tibetan culture and which still draws pilgrims from all over the world.这个角色的线索可以追溯到古藏文化的传说当中,而这个传说至今还吸引着来自全世界的朝圣者。Several world religions believe in a mythical mountain thats equivalent to the Garden of Eden.世界上一些的宗教相信一座神话中的山是伊甸园般的存在。Its peak has four faces, aligned to the points of the compass, and from its summit four rivers are said to flow to the four quarters of the world.它的顶部有四个面,排成罗盘的四个方向,从它的顶部有四条河流向世界的的四方。Thanks to its life-giving waters, this mountain is known as the ;axis of the world ;. In one of the remotest areas of Tibet, theres a place where this legend takes physical form. That place is Mount Kailash.由于这里的生命之泉,这座山被称为“世界屋脊”。在西藏最偏僻的区域之一,有一个地方应验了这个传说。这就是伽拉萨山。 /201403/282409。

Dont suffer in silence if a teacher is getting out of line with you. Take these steps to correct the situation.如果一位老师行为不当,不要默默忍受。采取下面的建议,拨乱反正。You Will Need你需要An honest evaluation of the situation对形势进行诚实的评估Limited contact with the teacher限制与这位老师的接触Steps步骤STEP 1 Know whats right and wrong. Its fine if your teacher is taking a personal interest in your studies, but its not OK if they are asking prying questions about your love life.1.明辨是非。如果你的老师对你的学习感兴趣倒没什么,但是如果他们询问你的恋爱生活,这就不妙了。STEP 2 If youre unsure if your teacher is overstepping, ask yourself this: Would your parents disapprove of things your teacher says to you or does with you? If so, they are behaving inappropriately.2.如果你不确定你的老师是否逾越了本分,自问以下问题:你的父母是否会反对老师对你说或者和你一起做的事情?如果是的话,那说明老师的行为不得体。STEP 3 If your teacher is making you uncomfortable but hasnt actually said or done anything improper, restrict your time with them to the classroom. Dont have any interaction with them that doesnt involve schoolwork.3.如果这位老师让你感到不舒,但是还没有说或者做任何不合适的事情,把和老师接触的时间限制在教室中。不要在学业外的任何方面与他们交涉。Dont let them manipulate you into spending time alone with them.不要被他们设计单独相处的时间。STEP 4 If your teacher crosses the line in any way, like touching you, sending you suggestive e-mails or text messages,buying you alcohol, or showing you pornography, tell your parents immediately and report your teacher to the principal.4.如果这位老师以任何方式逾越,比如触碰你,给你发送暗示性的邮件或短信,为你买酒,或者让你看色情作品,马上告诉父母,或者向校长举报。STEP 5 Dont blame yourself. Even if a part of you enjoyed the attention, theyre the adult.5.不要谴责自己。即使你有点享受这种关注,毕竟他们是成年人。Seven percent of people polled in a 2007 survey said theyd had sex with either a student or a teacher.在2007年一份调查中,7%的受调查者表示他们曾经与老师或学生发生不正当关系。视频听力译文由。201408/323522。

There must have been astonishing places ... you can imagine the mammoths, and the herds of horses and deer. And the birds, the migrating birds, I think, had a massive impact on these hunter-gatherers. So I think part of the art is an overwhelming sense of delight and appreciation and celebration of the natural world.当时肯定有很多震振人心的地方……你能想像那些猛犸象、大群大群的野马与鹿群。还有形形色色的鸟,各种候鸟,肯定会对当时那些狩猪采集者产生多么巨大的影响。因此,我因为艺术中的一部分是一种让人难以控制的喜悦、一种对大自然世界的赏识与庆贺。”And an appreciation not just of the animal world - these people know how to make the most of the rocks and minerals.而且不仅仅是对动物世界的赏识,这些人类已经知道如何物尽其能地利用岩石与矿物。If you look closely, you can see that this little sculpture is the result, in fact, of four separate stone technologies.细细观察一下这个小小的雕塑品,你就清楚这是件由四种独立石器工艺制作出来的成果。First, the tip of the tusk was severed with a chopping tool; then the contours of the animals were whittled with a stone knife and scraper.首先用砍砸器将这象牙尖从象牙上砍断;然后用石头刀与石刮刀将动物的轮廓削出来。Then the whole thing was polished using a powdered iron oxide mixed with water, probably buffed up with a chamois leather.接下来用一种氧化铁和水混合液体来抛光打磨整件物品,极可能是拿着块麂皮来弄的。And finally the markings on the bodies and the details of the eyes were carefully incised with a stone engraving tool. In execution as well as in conception, this is a very complex work of art. And it seems to me that it has all the qualities of precise observation and interpretation that youd look for in any great artist.最后,再利用一种石制雕刻工具对诸如身体与眼神等部位细节进行精雕细琢。无论是实际操作还是概念构思上,这无疑是一件极为复杂的艺术品。在我看来,它完全具备在你能在任何伟大艺术家身上找到的属性,那入微的观察力与精准的表达力。Why would you go to such trouble to make an object with no practical purpose? 但你怎么可能费那么大心思去创造一件毫无实际用途的物品?What I think you see in the art of this period is human beings trying to enter fully into the flow of life around them, so that they become part of the whole process of animal life thats going on around them, in a way which I think isnt just about managing the animal world, or guaranteeing them success in hunting or whatever.“在我看来,这时期你所看到的艺术,反映出人类试图更充分地融入自己周遭的生命之河中,使自己成为这周而复始、生生不息的动物生命过程的一部分;而且在我看来,是通过一种不仅仅是管理动物世界,或者能保他们成功地捕获猎物之类的方式。我认为意义不止于此。I think its more than that. Its really a desire to get inside and almost to be at home in the world at a deeper level, and I think that thats actually a very deeply religious impulse, to be at home in the world.其实真的是一种渴望,渴望在更深层次上,去认知世界,在世界中寻找到归属感;我觉得这种在世界中寻找归属感的渴望,是具有要当深刻的宗教情绪。We tend to identify religion with not being at home in the world sometimes, as if , you know, the real stuff were elsewhere in heaven; and yet actually if you look at religious origins, if you look at a lot of the mainstream themes in the great world religions, its the other way round - its how to live here and now and how to be part of that flow of life.我们习以为常地倾向于把宗教认知为一种超尘出世的感觉,似乎真谛只是存在远方的天堂乐园中;然而假如你追溯回所有宗教的根源,假如你细细观察这世界上所有主流的伟大宗教的主流主题,情况恰恰是相反的——它是关于如何活在现在,活在世上,如何成为生命之流的一部分。”This carving of the two swimming reindeer had no practical function, only form. Was it just art? An image made just for its beauty? Or does it have a different purpose? By representing something, by making a picture or a sculpture of it, you give it a different kind of life, a kind of magical power, and you assert your relation to it in a world youre able not just to experience, but to imagine. Is it going too far to suggest that art like this is the earliest physical evidence for religion?这对游水的驯鹿雕刻品其实也没有任何实际功能,具有一种形式。难道它仅仅是“艺术”?一件纯粹为美而制造的形象物品?还是它还蕴含着不同的目的?通过重新诠释一样物品,例如为它绘制一幅画或者雕一件雕塑,你赋于了给另一种全新的生命,一种神奇的力量;同时你不止通过体验,还有想像,重新定位了你与它在这世上间的关系。如果说这样的艺术品便是宗教艺术最早的实物据,会不会太言过其实了呢?201403/279394。

You dont need to completely cut fast food out of your diet when trying to eat healthy, but you have to make sure to make the right selections.想要饮食健康不许完全拒绝快餐,但是要做出正确的选择。You Will Need你需要Menu descriptions菜单说明Lean meats瘦肉Portion control控制份量Water, skim milk, or unsweetened tea水,炼奶或无糖茶Fruit or yogurt水果或酸奶Steps步骤STEP 1 Read the descriptions1.阅读菜单说明Read the descriptions. Avoid dishes that are dripping with sauce, deep-fried, creamy, crispy, or bed. These items are usually high in calories, sodium, and fat.阅读菜单说明。避免加入酱汁,煎炸,奶油,酥脆的,有面包屑的食品。这些食品中的热量,钠和脂肪含量通常比较高。Opt for grilled, baked, or broiled sandwiches.选择烧烤,烘培的三明治。STEP 2 Order lean meats2.瘦肉Order lean meats, such as chicken breast, turkey, or roast beef. Theyll lack extra calories, but still be packed with flavor.点瘦肉制作的菜肴,例如鸡胸,火鸡或烤牛肉。这些食品中没有多余的热量,但是味道仍然很好。STEP 3 Ditch the skin and batter3.丢弃鸡皮和糊状物Remove chicken skin, mayonnaise, and dressing. This can save up to 240 calories and 16 grams of fat for one serving.丢弃鸡皮,蛋黄酱和敷料。每一份可以减少240卡路里的热量和16克脂肪。STEP 4 Control your portion size4.控制份量Control your portion size. Order regular-sized items rather than large and extra-large items.控制份量。点标准份量,而不是超大份。STEP 5 Get rid of high-fat topping5.去除脂肪含量高的装饰配料Get rid of caloric toppings, such as cheese, croutons, and bacon bits. Opt for healthy toppings, such as extra veggies,mustard, and pickles.去除高热量的装饰配料,比如奶酪,油煎面包块和咸猪肉。选择健康的装饰配料,例如额外的蔬菜,芥末和泡菜。STEP 6 Reduce your sugar load6.减少糖的摄入量Reduce your sugar intake by ordering a fruit bowl or yogurt, instead of ice cream or pie for dessert. Eat fresh, made-to-order foods whenever possible. Leave the fast food restaurant without feeling guilty by controlling the nutritional value in your meal.点一份水果拼盘或酸奶来做甜品,而不是冰淇淋或派,减少糖的摄入量。任何可能的情况下都选择新鲜,现做的食品。控制营养价值,离开快餐店时不必再有内疚感。McDonalds serves over 60 million people in 117 countries every day.麦当劳在117个国家的分店每天接待超过6000万的客户。视频听力译文由。 /201408/317505。

secular religiousity;Correspondence between external immensity and inner intensity.;——Gasto Bachelard201407/303244。