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  It was a disappointing moment for fans of Haruki Murakami in Japan when the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel prize for literature to Canadian author Alice Munro.典学院(Swedish Academy)将诺贝尔文学奖颁给了加拿大作家艾丽斯#8226;芒罗(Alice Munro)。对于日本作家村上春树(Haruki Murakami)的书迷来说,这是个令人失望的时刻。Expectations were high that the 64-year-old best-selling author of critically acclaimed novels like #39;Norwegian Wood#39; and #39;1Q84#39; would finally nail the Nobel after having his name floated as a likely candidate for the prestigious award in recent years.此前人们普遍预期这位64岁的畅销作家将最终捧得诺贝尔奖。村上春树的《挪威的森林》(Norwegian Wood)、《1Q84》等小说作品都深受好评,近年人们不断地认为他是可能的获奖人选。British bookmaker Ladbrokes had him as the 3-1 favorite, while the media had been abuzz with its now annual speculation that Mr. Murakami could achieve a feat of becoming the third Japanese author to be awarded the Nobel since Yasunari Kawabata in 1968 and Kenzaburo Oe in 1994.英国公司立(Ladbrokes)将村上春树列为热门人选,开出的盘口为3-1,媒体则一直热议现在已经成了每年一度的猜测,即树上春树可能成为日本第三位获得诺贝尔奖的作家。前两位分别是1968年获奖的川端康成(Yasunari Kawabata)和1994年获奖的大江健三郎(Kenzaburo Oe)。#39;I guess we#39;ll have to wait until next year. I believe he#39;ll get it in the near future, #39; tweeted one person who uses the Twitter handle Nash_Moser.推特(Twitter)上名为Nash_Moser的用户发消息说,我想我们得等到明年了,我相信他会在不远的将来获奖。#39;I sympathize with Haruki Murakami and how the media stirs up a fuss for missing the prize every time the Nobels are announced, #39; tweeted another person with the handle tngstn.另一位名为tngstn的用户说,我同情村上春树,每次诺贝尔奖宣布时媒体都会为他未能获奖而大惊小怪一番。Hours before the announcement from Stockholm, public broadcaster NHK aired a segment Thursday evening in which ardent fans of Mr. Murakami, called #39;Harukists, #39; gathered at a cafe in Tokyo with bottles of champagne lined up in preparation for a celebration.斯德哥尔方面宣布诺贝尔奖得主之前几个小时,日本公共媒体机构日本广播协会(NHK)周四晚间播放了一个片断,村上春树的热心书迷(“春树迷”)在东京一个咖啡馆聚会,还为获奖后的庆祝活动准备好了成排的香槟。#39;I know he#39;s going to get it and I#39;m quite nervous, #39; said the owner of the cafe, who said he#39;s been a Murakami fan for 25 years.咖啡馆老板说,我知道他会获奖,我特别紧张。他说自己成为村上春树的书迷已经25年。But Harukists will have another year to wait in anticipation, and even longer to find out what deliberations were behind the final choice. The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations are sealed for 50 years.但“春树迷”又将在期待中等待一年甚至更久的时间,以找出最终颁奖结果背后的意见。被提名者的姓名以及提名的其他信息将封锁50年后才会公布。#39;We can#39;t be sure if his name had really emerged as a candidate, but expectations have definitely been increasing, #39; said Takeshi Usami, professor of modern Japanese literature at Chuo University.中央大学(Chuo University)现代日本文学教授宇佐美毅(Takeshi Usami)说,我们不能确定他是否真的获得了提名,但可以肯定的是,人们的期望越来越高。#39;In terms of the bth of ership, there#39;s nobody that can surpass Mr. Murakami, #39; he said. #39;In that sense I believe he will continue to be considered a strong candidate for the Nobel prize, #39; he said.他说,在读者群的广度方面,没有人能超越村上春树,就这方面而言,我认为他将继续被认为是诺贝尔奖的有力竞争者。 /201310/260783



  Hong Kong is getting y to roll out the doormat for more mainland Chinese tourists-much to the chagrin of many residents. 香港正准备迎接更多来自中国内地的游客,尽管许多当地人可能会非常不乐意。 Starting Sept. 1, an additional four million visitors from the neighboring mainland city of Shenzhen will be allowed to more easily obtain multiple-entry visas to visit Hong Kong, an arrangement that#39;s helped to stoke fears that the city will be overrun by mainland Chinese tourists, whom some locals have begun resentfully dubbing #39;locusts.#39; Analysts estimate that the Sept. 1 arrangement will boost the number of visitor arrivals from mainland China by as much as 15%. 从9月1日开始,与香港相邻的中国内地城市深圳将再有400万人获得一签多行赴港旅游的便利,这个新规定加剧了对内地游客会让香港不堪重负的担忧,一些当地人已经开始不客气地把内地游客称作“蝗虫”。据分析人士估计,9月1号实施新的规定后,到香港旅游的内地游客将增加15%。 Last year, 28 million mainland Chinese visitors came to Hong Kong, a city of just 7 million residents. Such tourists come to shop for luxury goods, buy property and even give birth, embittering locals who feel they are being priced and crowded out of their own homes and subways. 去年共有2,800万内地游客到港旅游,而香港的全部人口只有700万。这些游客来香港不但是为了购买奢侈品、房产,有的甚至是为了产子,这令当地人相当不满,他们感到自己已经被明码标价,被挤出了香港的房屋和地铁。 #39;Hong Kong has become very crowded, very stuffy. We#39;re losing our living space,#39; said Roy Tam, president of environmental group Green Sense. Mr. Tam said he marched to the city#39;s immigration department Tuesday with a few dozen others to protest the scheme#39;s expansion. In the city#39;s main shopping districts, he said, there are #39;no longer stores for Hong Kong people,#39; only jewelry and luxury stores catering to Chinese shoppers. 环保组织环保触觉(Green Sense)的主席谭凯邦说,香港已经变得拥挤不堪,而且空气污浊;我们正在失去我们的生存空间。谭凯邦说,他周二与几十个人到香港入境事务处示威,抗议扩大自由行计划。他说,在香港主要的商业区,已经没有为香港人开设的商店了,只有迎合中国内地购物者需要的珠宝和奢侈品店。 Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has tried to soothe fears about the plan, saying that the government will ensure adequate facilities to support the growth in tourism. Mr. Leung also said Tuesday that the government would control the number of people allowed to enter Hong Kong#39;s borders, though his office declined to elaborate on his comments. 香港特别行政区行政长官梁振英曾试图平息人们对此项安排的担忧。他说,政府将确保有足够的设施持旅游业的发展。梁振英周二还表示,政府将控制入境人数,不过特首办公室拒绝对梁振英的做进一步解释。 Last year, visitors to Hong Kong spent a combined 3 billion. Mainland tourists, who make up two-thirds of all visitors toHong Kong, are an economic lifeline for the city, where the tourism sector employs 6% of all residents. 去年,到香港旅游的游客共消费2,630亿美元。到香港旅游的旅游者中,内地游客的比例达到了三分之二。内地游客是香港经济的生命线,旅游业为香港6%的市民提供了就业岗位。 Still, relations between locals and mainland tourists occasionally turn frosty, and many of the latter say they have lately noticed a palpable chill in their reception. 尽管如此,香港人和内地游客的关系仍然不时地变得紧张,许多内地游客说,他们最近注意到香港人对他们的态度明显变得冷淡。 #39;Shopping in Hong Kong aly isn#39;t cheap, Hong Kong#39;s shopping vendors aly aren#39;t that honest, and Hong Kongpeople aly aren#39;t that friendly. Mainland tourists, where#39;s your next stop?#39; one user Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo microblogging service wrote this week. 新浪微的一名网友本周写道:香港购物已经不那么便宜了,香港商贩已经不那么真诚了,香港民众已经不那么友好了,大陆游客,下一站会是哪里? Beijing first began permitting mainland Chinese to travel individually to Hong Kong in 2003, after the city#39;s economy was devastated by SARS. (Previously, tourists from mainland China had been allowed to travel to Hong Kong only in groups.) Since 2008, the number of annual mainland visitors to Hong Kong has jumped by 66%. The so-called #39;individual visit scheme#39; has gradually been expanded to include residents in dozens of mainland cities: Today, 270 million people in mainland China are eligible under the plan to make their own independent visits to Hong Kong. (While would-be sightseers hailing from cities not covered by the plan can apply to visit Hong Kong as individual tourists, they face greater hurdles in getting approval, and the majority travel in groups.) 北京在2003年香港经济因非典(SARS)疫情受到重创后首次允许中国内地游客以个人身份去香港旅游。(在这之前,内地的游客只可以随旅行团赴港旅游。)2008年以来,每年到香港旅游的内地游客的数量猛增了66%。所谓的内地赴港个人游逐渐扩大到数十个内地城市的居民。如今,内地2.7亿人有资格以个人名义独立到香港旅游。(尽管没有被计划覆盖的城市的旅行者也可以申请去香港个人游,但他们在获得审批的过程中会遇到重重阻碍,大多数人还是选择了跟团赴港旅游。) The last time the scheme was expanded was in 2009, the city#39;s immigration department said, when permanent Shenzhen residents were allowed to obtain year-long, multiple-entry visas toHong Kong. A spokesman forHong Kong#39;s commerce and economic development bureau said that the government remains in #39;constant, close communication#39; with mainland authorities regarding border crossings and would enhance staffing as needed to help minimize long immigration queues. 香港入境事务处说,上一次扩大内地游客自由行计划是2009年,当时深圳的本地户籍居民获准得到一年内多次往返香港的签。香港商务及经济发展局一位发言人说,香港政府依然在就扩大香港与内地间人员往来的问题与内地有关部门进行着持续而密切的沟通,为尽量缩短入境检查站的排队长龙,香港方面会在必要时增加边检人手。 Aly, visiting Hong Kong is so convenient-an easy subway ride-that residents of Shenzhen make regular trips to the city to buy their soy sauce and other daily goods. Though Shenzhen#39;s permanent residents can easily apply for multiple-entry visas to Hong Kong, this week#39;s expansion will grant Shenzhen#39;s students and migrants-that is, those who aren#39;t permanent city residents-the same privilege. 由于深圳居民来香港目前已经非常便利(搭乘地铁就能来),许多深圳市民会定期前往香港购买酱油等日常用品。深圳常住户籍居民已能容易地申请到一年多次往返香港的签,而自由行计划本周扩大实施后,外地来深圳上学的人以及深圳的非本地户籍居民也将有资格获得一年多次往返香港的签。 Mr. Tam says that unless the government caps the number of mainland visitors allowed inHong Kong, #39;different expectations on hygienic conditions and politeness#39; will continue to provoke tension between residents and their mainland counterparts. 谭凯邦说,除非港府为内地来港游客数量设置上限,否则内地人与香港人在卫生习惯和礼貌程度方面的差距将继续在这两类人群之间制造紧张。 #39;We want the government to reduce the number of mainland tourists,#39; he says. #39;Less tourists should mean less cultural conflict.#39; 他说,我们希望政府减少内地来港游客数量,游客减少意味着文化冲突也会减少。 /201208/197272导读:不久前,奇美电子公司一名18岁暑期实习生坠楼身亡,大学生暑期实习再度成为社会关注的焦点。学校安排暑期实习项目(summer intern program)本是好意,让学生赚钱同时还可以获得宝贵的工作经验。但是,暑期实习大量机遇的背后又隐藏着哪些风险呢?学生们要如何避免这些风险,圆满完成实习计划呢?让我们一起来看看吧!  CHINESE colleges have begun organizing summer-vacation internship programs that provide paying jobs for undergraduates. While such programs can equip students with valuable work experience, they also come with potential risks.   中国各大高校的暑期实习项目已经开始为大学生提供带薪实习机会。但这些项目在为大学生提供宝贵工作经验的同时,也伴随着一系列潜在风险。  Last week, a student intern reportedly committed suicide at Chimei Innolux Company in Foshan, a branch company of Hon Hai Precision Industry, which also owns Foxconn. The 18-year-old, surnamed Liu, was a student at Shijiazhuang Oriental Technology Polytechnic School. He had been working under a school-company program as a summer-vacation intern for only two days.   上周媒体报道,鸿海精密工业股份有限公司的一家分公司--佛山市奇美电子公司的一名实习生自杀身亡。富士康也同属鸿海公司旗下。据了解,这名自杀身亡男子姓刘,今年18岁,是石家庄东方职业高等技术学校学生。通过校企联合实习项目开始暑期实习,仅仅工作了两天。 /201007/110216

  Fonterra, the world#39;s largest dairy exporter, said on Monday it has reassured its global customers that New Zealand dairy products are safe following the discovery of traces of a potentially toxic substance in milk samples.全球最制品出口商恒天然公司本周一称,继其生产的牛奶样品中发现潜在有毒物质后,公司已向全球消费者做出保,新西兰奶制品可放心食用。The New Zealand firm said its testing had found ;minute traces; in some of its products of dicyandiamide (DCD), a chemical used in fertilisers to prevent them from soaking into rivers, which can be toxic in large amounts.这家新西兰公司表示,经检测发现其部分产品中含有微量双氰胺。双氰胺用于制造化肥,防止化肥渗透进河流,造成河流大面积中毒。Reports of the DCD detection prompted Taiwan, Chinese mainland and Malaysia to examine their dairy imports at the weekend, local media in those areas reported.据台湾、中国大陆和马来西亚的当地媒体报道,由于有关奶制品中检测出双氰胺的报道频频出现,促使这些地区于本周末对其进口奶制品进行检查。Fonterra, which was linked through a Chinese subsidiary to the 2008 melamine-tainted milk scandal in which at least six children died, said in a statement it had assured its customers that the detected DCD levels were no threat to human health.恒天然在中国设有子公司,这一子公司曾卷入2008年三聚氰胺奶粉丑闻事件,当时造成至少六名儿童死亡。该公司在一份声明中称,它已向消费者保奶制品中检测出的双氰胺含量不会对人体健康造成危害。;Customers are satisfied with our answers and the anxiety is dying down,; Chief Executive Theo Spierings said later on Radio New Zealand, describing reports questioning the safety of New Zealand milk as ;rumours and speculation;.该公司行政总裁西奥#8226;斯皮林斯随后在接受新西兰广播公司采访时说道:“消费者对我们的答复很满意,顾虑也由此减弱。”他将质疑新西兰牛奶安全性的相关报道定性为“纯属谣言与臆测”。He said the DCD levels found in tests last year were ;100 times less than European standards;.他表示,去年检测出的双氰胺含量“还不到欧洲标准的百分之一”。The fertiliser companies making the product have suspended its sale. Fonterra has been working with the government and the industry since last November to resolve the issue, Spierings said.生产这种产品的化肥公司已暂停产品销售。斯皮林斯称,自去年11月份以来,恒天然就一直同政府和化肥产业进行合作,寻求解决方案。Fonterra is New Zealand#39;s largest company with revenues of around NZ billion (.8 billion), and is looking to expand in Asia to tap into the region#39;s growing demand for dairy goods.恒天然是新西兰规模最大的公司,年收入近200亿新西兰币(合168亿美元)。公司目前正寻求拓展亚洲市场,满足该地区与日俱增的奶制品需求。More than 90 percent of milk collected in New Zealand is exported, mainly for use by other firms as an ingredient in everything from infant formula to cheese on frozen pizzas.新西兰超过90%的牛奶都出口国外,主要用于其他公司生产产品的原料,从婴幼儿配方奶粉到冷冻披萨中的奶酪无一不包。The news prompted slight selling in the New Zealand dollar late last week, while also weighing on the price of Fonterra#39;s shareholder fund.该消息的报道导致上周末新西兰币轻微贬值,与此同时恒天然公司股东基金价格也被重新估值。 /201301/223025近日,上海地铁二运官方微贴出一张身着透视装的女性背影,呼吁女生注意夏日穿着防骚扰,此举引起部分网民,特别是女性网民的抗议。那么,我们先来看看;骚扰;的相关词汇吧。在拥挤的公共交通工具上,色狼(pervert)通常会趁着人流密集时偷摸(grope)女性,对女性构成性骚扰(sexual harassment)。目前,日本、巴西、墨西哥等国家都开设女士专用车厢(Women-only compartment),防止地铁上的猥亵行为。一般公共交通工具上发生的性骚扰可以称为molestation(猥亵),犯案的人被称为molester(猥亵者)。英语中有很多词可以表示;猥亵;,比如obscenity、indecency、 lewdness等,在语言或写作方面的淫秽被称为smuttiness或者dirtiness。更严重的性侵犯为sexual assault。2011年印尼妇女曾聚集雅加达中心地带,集体抗议市长发表的;provocatively dressed women are to blame for sexual assaults。;(衣着暴露导致性侵)。部分男性声称,女性的清凉着装,对他们也构成视觉骚扰(visual harassment)。Visual harassment describes a situation that men are embarrassed to be around with women who are wearing over-revealing clothes in summer. They don#39;t know where to look at, especially in a crowded place, and they might be considered as a pervert when they do look at those women.视觉骚扰指一些男士认为女性夏天穿着过于暴露会让周围的男士非常尴尬,身处拥挤环境时更加不知道眼睛该往哪儿看,稍有不慎就有可能背上;色狼;的骂名。除了用动词provocatively dressed表达装束清凉,还可以直接用名词over-revealing clothes表示暴露的衣着,更具体一些,比如露脐装 Midriff-baring top、低胸装 low-cut top、露背装 backless dress、迷你裙 miniskirts、热裤 tight pants、吊带 top with narrow straps、透视装 see-through dress。让我们回到本次事件中,地铁二运微此举引发两名女子游行抗议,她们的标语为:;要清凉不要色狼;、;我可以骚,你不能扰;。一些网友也认为地铁二运;穿成这样,不被骚扰,才怪;的言论欠妥,穿着是否暴露是女性的自我选择,任何人都不能以此为借口对其进行性骚扰。同时,也有人认为地铁二运的提醒很有必要,女性在公共场合需要注意自己的穿着,避免不必要的想入非非。 /201206/188132

  Mice were trained to identify feces from bird-flu-infected ducks by smell.老鼠经过训练后能通过气味识别出感染禽流感的鸭子的粪便。Four-Legged Biosensors Sniff Out Bird Flu也能嗅出禽流感病毒You’ve probably seen dogs working security at airports, sniffing for drugs, bombs and contraband food. Now our best-friend biosensors might have a new task: ferretting out the scent of bird flu.你可能在机场看到过警犬参与安全检查工作,它们可以嗅出毒品、炸弹以及违禁的食品。是我们最好的朋友,目前作为生物探测器的可能又有了一项新的任务:那就是搜索出禽流感的蛛丝马迹。And they may not be alone on the job. Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture and Monell Chemical Senses Center trained mice to identify duck droppings from animals infected with bird flu. The work was presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.而且可能不是唯一担任这项任务的动物。来自美国农业部以及蒙奈尔化学传感中心(Monell Chemical Senses Center)的研究者们对老鼠进行训练后,让它们从其它动物的粪便中辨别出感染了禽流感的鸭子的粪便。该项工作发表在波士顿举行的美国化学会全国会议上。The scientists trained six mice to run a maze in search of infected feces. Every time they found the right feces, they got a drink of water. The mice learned to choose infected over non-infected duck feces about 90 percent of the time.科学家们训练六只老鼠在迷宫中寻找感染禽流感的鸭子的粪便。每次如果它们能找到这些粪便的话,它们就会喝到一次水。在90%的情况下,这些老鼠都能找出感染禽流感鸭子的粪便。The researchers believe the implications could be twofold. First, bird flu apparently leaves an odor imprint on bird feces, and so dogs—and even mice—could be trained to recognize it. Second, scientists might be able to isolate the cocktail of compounds that gives off the odor to develop lab instruments or automated field detectors. Until then, we may find four-legged sensors, large and small, sniffing away to protect us from a bird-borne epidemic.研究者们相信,该研究的意义可能是双重的。首先,禽流感很显然在鸟的粪便中留下了一种气味,因此—甚至是老鼠—在训练之后能识别出这种气味。第二,科学家们可能在众多的化合物混合物中分离出放出这种气味的化合物,从而可以开发出实验室使用的仪器或者自动化的野外探测器。到那个时候,我们也许会发现大大小小的四足传感器(译者注:这里指)四处搜索禽流感病毒,从而保我们不被这种流行病侵害。 /201304/233547

  World’s First Flying Car on the Market to Debut at New York Auto Show.世界上第一辆可飞行汽车于纽约国际车展亮相上市。The reality of a flying car available to the masses is about to come true. The long anticipated Terrafugia Transition is set to debut in April at the New York International Auto Show, reported Motor Authority. While it’s not for sale just yet, you can put down a ,000 deposit to reserve one; the price tag is estimated at 9,000. It’s not cheap, but it’s far from crazy, considering that you get a car and your own airplane.母猪会不会飞暂时不知道,不过汽车能飞已经不是梦想了。人们期待已久的在纽约国际车展中亮相的飞天车计划于4月上市,车展中的汽车暂时还不面向市场出售,不过据说1万美元就可以预定一辆,而实际的出售价格将会是27万9千美元。很显然它很不便宜,但是却很合算,因为跟买一架飞机和一辆汽车相比,这要便宜的多。  /201209/201865。


  说话、咳嗽会传染甲型H1N1流感吗?Can talk or cough cause others to be infected? “目前中国内地甲型H1N1流感病毒传播速度加快,疫情波及范围越来越广,发病数出现快速增长趋势,因此可以说H1N1流感疫情第二波已经开始”。这是中国疾病预防控制中心首席流行病学专家曾光今天做出的最新判断。   曾光在此间闭幕的中华医学会首届全国公共卫生学术会议上强调:随着季节变化,甲型H1N1流感南半球流行高峰趋于平缓,北半球的疫情开始迅速升高。中国与北半球趋势一致,近来一天发生的病例数相当于一月前的十天,特别是九月以来,不同地区的多所学校同期出现暴发流行,预示进入了快速传播期,即俗称的“第二波”传播开始。  他认为:当前疫情发展凶猛,向中小城市和中西部地区快速传播之势已成,且不同于过去境外输入的渐进模式,而是由数量庞大的国内流动人口,通过火车、汽车、飞机、轮船等交通工具广泛传播,往往发生严重的社区暴发流行后才被发现,而且各城际间没有任何防线。由于这些地区缺乏防控经验,可能导致病例迅速增加,出现成批危重病例,是防范薄弱地区,很可能成为与之决战的主战场。  为此,曾教授提出,过去“外堵输入”成功经验已不适合,应及时调整防治策略,研究制定中小城市和中西部地区的问题和对策,强化“早期发现和隔离本地第一例病例、发现和控制本地第一起社区暴发流行、救治本地第一例重症病例”。他建议,组织中央和地方的专家认真论对策并及时发现、总结和宣传地方的经验。  曾光强调,目前医院对危重病人抢救能力严重不足是中国最突出的“软肋”;他担心有些地区同时出现较大数目的危重病例,超出当地医院的救治能力,而又不能组织外来援助。预防这种情况的办法是坚决贯彻综合防治措施,延缓传播速度,使危险情况不同步发生。他透露,他已提出“中国流感大流行严重程度的分级标准的建议”。  由曾光主持的一项甲型H1N1流感流行病学调查发现:流感暴发传播的元凶是飞沫。在美国疾控中心最新一期《新发传染性疾病》发表的该调查报告称:患者讲话或咳嗽时,通过飞沫将病毒传播给他人是暴发的主要传播途径,而未发现经空气传播病毒的据。  曾光说,这增强了对抗甲流的信心,人们不必戴防护级别较高的口罩,也不必对空气进行消毒,可通过改变行为、养成良好的个人卫生习惯来保护自己。应真正建立起良好的卫生习惯:  人与人之间谈话不要直面,尽量保持在二米外的防飞沫的“安全距离”;勤洗手、换洗衣;打喷嚏时用手纸遮掩口鼻。患者要第一时间主动报告、戴口罩,自觉休息、隔离;学校,工厂、公司、军营、看守所等要切实落实防控措施,坚持晨检,早报告、早控制,该停课、停工的要果断坚决,千万不要心存侥幸。  全国人大常委会副委员长、中华医学会荣誉主席韩启德以及中国预防医学、食品卫生、健康管理领域的三百二十余名代表出席了会议。 /200911/88839

  Johnson and Johnson accused over toxins强生仍售含毒婴儿产品 An American cosmetics organization has revealed that the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo on sale in a number of countries still contains carcinogens, despite the fact that the product was found to contain toxic substances several years ago, the Beijing News reported. 据《新京报》报道,美国一家化妆品组织直指数年前披露的含有毒致癌物质的强生婴儿洗发水仍在部分国家出售。 The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Coalition came out with the news two years ago that Johnson and Johnson's iconic baby shampoo contained carcinogens, including the formaldehyde-releasing preservative quaternium-15, as well as the chemical byproduct 1, 4-dioxane. 两年前,美国安全化妆品运动联盟公布,强生婴儿洗发水含有可致癌的二恶烷及能释放甲醛的季铵盐-15。 The organization recently discovered that a modified formula of the product is only sold in Britain, Denmark, Japan and 5 other countries, while the toxic product is still sold in China, the ed States, Canada, Indonesia and Australia. 该组织近日发现,强生洗发水修改配方后的改良产品主要在英国、丹麦、日本等八国销售;而中国、美国、加拿大、印度尼西亚、澳大利亚等国出售的产品仍含这些物质。 The spokesman of the coalition described it as "clearly a double standard." 该组织指出,强生这样做,“显然是双重标准”。 Johnson and Johnson China responded in a statement saying that all products are within safe limits, and meet local supervision standards in all markets in which they are sold. 强生中国有限公司昨天在官网发布声明,表示产品各种成分都是安全的,而且获得销售所在地监管机构的批准。 /201111/159900

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