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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451740洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 20Hi. What did you do on your trip?Where do you spend you vacation?What was the weather like?Did you get some rest on your vacation?What did you see on you vacation?My vacation was wonderful.My vacation was too short, I need it more time.My vacation was terrible. It rained the whole time.I am stressed out, I need a vacation.I am a workholic, so for me vacations are very boring. 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200603/5516I just genuinely want that for people to understand我由衷地想要人们理解,look yourself in the mirror in your hotel room tonight and say,你晚上在旅馆的房间里对着镜子看着自己,并说,Are you putting in the work that supports the words that are coming out of your mouth?你在工作中做到了你许诺过的事情吗?My buddies always tell me I#39;m gonna be a millionaire.我的死党总是告诉我“我会成为百万富翁的”。I#39;m like you#39;re on six softball teams, John.约翰,我觉得你太不专心了,Is your work ethic mapping the bullcrap that#39;s coming out of your mouth?你嘴里的废话反映了你的职业道德吗?cuz you talk a good game,因为你说得很好,you all talk about what you#39;re gonna do,你总是说你将要做什么,but then the work doesn#39;t support it但你的工作却没体现出你在努力。 Article/201707/516183

Hundreds of people are dead and hundreds more missing after severe mudslides in Colombia.哥伦比亚发生严重泥石流,造成数百人死亡,并有数百人失踪。Heavy rain poured down on the southwestern city of Mocoa on Friday. 周五,西南城市莫科阿降下倾盆大雨。Three rivers in the area overflowed, sending an avalanche of mud, debris and boulders through homes. 该地区三条河流河水外溢,雪崩般的泥土、瓦砾和巨石冲向家园。On Sunday morning, the Colombian army reported 254 people were confirmed dead.周日上午,哥伦比亚军方报告,254人被实死亡。Colombia#39;s president said with the high number of missing people, the death toll could rise.哥伦比亚总统表示,因为失踪人数高,死亡人数可能上升。He called a state of emergency for the area. Water and medicine are being brought in to help the roughly 400 injured.他称该地区处于紧急状态。水和医药被带进来帮助大约400名受伤的人。译文属。 Article/201704/501837This year, there are a lot of amazing contenders.这一年,有很多强劲的对手。Maybe the winner will be a comedy, or a drama, or an action film, with state-of-the-art special effects.或许赢家将会是一部具有先进特效的喜剧、戏剧、又或是一部动作电影。There might be a big reveal.可能有个盛大的发布。A memorable song, an unlikely villain, an unexpected true love story –that#39;s always a crowd pleaser.一首难忘的歌曲,一个不太可能的坏人,一个意想不到的真爱故事——总是深受大家喜爱。Truth is, even a single standout performance could put any one of them over the top.事实是,即使是一个出色的表演也会让他们中的任何一个脱颖而出。But whether it#39;s a thriller... a rom-com, a horror movie or a foreign film.但是不管是一部惊悚片…一部浪漫喜剧,一部恐怖片还是一部外国电影,The award for best picture will always belong to you.最佳照片奖肯定非你莫属。 Article/201706/515724

新英语900句视频版 第23课:有没有兴趣去万会 文本如下:FRANK YAMAMOT:Father?爸?MR.YAMAMOT:Yes?什么事?FRANK YAMAMOT:Wouldn#39;t you like to take a walk to the Fair today?您今天有兴趣到万会去走走吗?MR.YAMAMOT:It#39;s Saturday. I have to be in the store.今天是礼拜六, 我必须到店里去.FRANK YAMAMOT:I#39;m sure Jim can take care of the store.我相信吉姆可以照料店里的事.MR.YAMAMOT:I don#39;t like crowds.我不喜欢人多的地方.FRANK YAMAMOT:I know, Father, but it#39;s early. There won#39;t be many people there at this hour.我知道, 爸爸, 现在还早呢. 这个时候不会有很多人的.MR.YAMAMOT:I#39;d rather go on a weekday.我宁愿平常日子去,MR.YAMAMOT:Saturday is our busy day at the store.礼拜六是店里最忙的一天.FRANK YAMAMOT:Take a one-day vacation. I#39;m sure you#39;ll enjoy it.休一天假吧, 我敢保你会觉得很好玩.MR.YAMAMOT:I don#39;t know, Frank.我真怀疑, 法兰克.FRANK YAMAMOT:People come from around the world to see the Fair. You#39;re lucky. You live right around the corner.人们从世界各地到万会来参观, 您很幸运, 您刚好住在附近.MR.YAMAMOT:What#39;s the weather like today?今天天气怎么样?FRANK: It#39;s a beautiful spring day. It would be good for you to spend a day in the sun.是个美丽的春天. 花一天的时间晒晒太阳对您是很有益的.MR.YAMAMOT:Can I get to the Fair by bus?我可以搭公车到万会吗?FRANK: It#39;s not far. Take a taxi. It won#39;t be expensive.并不远, 坐计程车去, 不会太贵的.MR.YAMAMOT:No. I#39;ll take the bus.不, 我要坐公车.FRANK: OK. Take the number 20. It goes right to the Fair.好吧! 坐二十路, 它直开到万会.MR.YAMAMOT:Where is my good coat?我那件好的大衣在哪里?FRANK: In the hall closet. But you won#39;t need a coat today.在走廊的壁橱里, 可是你今天不必穿大衣,FRANK: The sun is shining, and it#39;s going to get warm.外面是晴天, 而且会逐渐变暖的.MR.YAMAMOT:Are you sure it#39;s not going to rain?你确定不会下雨吗?FRANK: I don#39;t think so, but anything is possible. Your raincoat is in the hall closet, too.我不这么认为, 可是天气是无法预料的, 您的雨衣也放在走廊的壁橱里.MR.YAMAMOT:You know, Frank, I#39;m not as young as I was.我跟你讲, 法兰克, 我老了.FRANK: No one is, Father.我们都老了, 爸爸.MR.YAMAMOT:You#39;re right. Help me with my coat, Frank.你讲得对, 帮我将大衣穿上. 法兰克,FRANK: Have a good time, Father.祝您玩得很愉快, 爸.MR.YAMAMOT:Thank you, Son.谢谢你, 儿子.PEDR:Excuse me. How much is the bus?对不起, 请问巴士车票多少钱?WOMAN: Fifty cents.五毛钱.PEDR:Will bill?十块钱的钞票司机可以找得开吗the driver change aWOMAN: I don#39;t think so. Oh, here#39;s the bus.我想不会的, 噢, 车来了.WOMAN: Oh, no!噢! 真糟糕.BUS DRIVER: What#39;s the matter, lady?你怎么了? 女士.WOMAN: Look at me!你看我!BUS DRIVER: You look beautiful to me.你看起来很漂亮呀!WOMAN: Look at my dress! It#39;s ruined!你看我的衣! 完蛋了!BUS DRIVER: I#39;m sorry, miss.对不起, .WOMAN: Is that all you can say? #39;I#39;m sorry, miss.#39; What about my dress?你就只能说这个吗? ; 对不起, . ; 我的衣怎么办?PEDR:What are you going to do about this?这事你该怎么办?BUS DRIVER: Who are you?你是谁?PEDR:Who do you think I am?你以为我是谁?BUS DRIVER: Look, mister. I#39;m sorry. It#39;s raining. The streets are wet.瞧, 先生, 我很抱歉. 外面下着雨, 街道都是湿的.PEDR:Let#39;s sit down, dear.我们坐吧, 女士.BUS DRIVER: Hey, mister! You forgot to pay!嘿, 先生! 你忘了付车钱!PEDR:I did not forget. Is the bus company going to pay for a new dress?我没有忘记付钱, 汽车公司将付新衣的钱吗?BUS DRIVER: Forget it! Forget it! Sit down.算了! 算了! 你坐吧.WOMAN: Very clever. Do you ever pay for the bus?真聪明, 你经常免费坐车吗?PEDR:By the way, my name is...对了, 我的名字是.. /200809/47495栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460628A volcano in Indonesia erupted Saturday, killing at least seven people and severely burning two more.周六,印度尼西亚一座火山喷发,造成至少7人遇难,2人严重烧伤。Mount Sinabung erupted just before 5 p.m. local time on the island of Sumatra, throwing hot clouds of ash and rock as high as 2 miles into the air. That pyroclastic flow then descended onto the area nearby.在苏门答腊岛当地时间下午5点之前,锡纳朋火山发生喷发,将火山灰和岩石形成的热云喷向高达2英里的空中。然后火山碎屑流向附近的区域。The volcano had been dormant for centuries until it blew in 2010. Since then, it#39;s been highly active, and the government declared a danger zone around the mountain.这座火山已经休眠了几个世纪,直到2010喷发。自那时以来一直非常活跃,政府在山区周围宣布危险区。But Indonesian officials said residents still sometimes go near Mount Sinabung to farm. They suspect that#39;s what the victims were doing when it erupted.但印尼官员表示,居民有时还去锡纳朋火山附近耕作。他们怀疑火山爆发时遇难者正在耕作。Emergency crews attempted to locate survivors, but the volcano continued heaving hot ash, making rescue attempts difficult.紧急救援人员试图找到幸存者,但火山继续喷发火山灰,使得救援行动困难。Mount Sinabung has killed at least 25 and displaced tens of thousands of residents since becoming active in 2010.自2010年活动以来,锡纳朋火山至少造成25人死亡,成千上万的居民流离失所。译文属。 Article/201605/445272

TED演讲视频:纸风光舞之乘着纸 风和光舞蹈舞编Aakash Odedra患有诵读困难,他一直觉得动作是他表达的最佳方式。“私语”是他对该体验的歌颂。让我们看他旋转着穿越风暴中央的同时,书本里的纸张在他周围飞扬。 Article/201705/509300A major Chinese city shut down and others are on red alert thanks to a typhoon.台风造成中国一主要城市停工,其它城市进入红色警报状态。Schools and the stock market closed, and most transportation shut down in anticipation of Typhoon Nida hitting Hong Kong on Tuesday. 预期周二妮妲袭击香港,学校和股市关闭,大多交通运输停止。The typhoon was expected to be the strongest typhoon the region had experienced since 1983. 预计此次台风将是自1983以来该地区遭遇的最强台风。It produced wind gusts of 90 miles per hour and dumped several inches of rain on the city.台风引发每小时90英里的强风,并降下几英寸的暴雨。Luckily, no major damage or casualties have been reported.幸运的是,没有重大损失或人员伤亡的报告。The Hong Kong Observatory downgraded the typhoon to a tropical storm on Tuesday around noon. The storm is now slowly moving inland.周二中午,香港天文台将台风降级为热带风暴。风暴目前正慢慢地向内陆移动。译文属。 Article/201608/458325

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