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Michael: So Ana, youre from Portugal. Can you tell me a little bit about your country?迈克尔:安娜,你来自葡萄牙。你能给我介绍一下你的祖国吗?Ana: Yes, sure. Portugal is a really small country actually. Its right by Spain in Europe and we have really nice weather there. Its really sunny most of the year and really hot in summer. It can get really cold and really rainy in winter. But yeah, overall, its a really nice country to live in.安娜:当然可以。葡萄牙是一个非常小的国家。葡萄牙是欧洲国家,与西班牙接壤,葡萄牙的天气非常好。一年中大部分时间都是晴天,不过夏天非常热。而冬天又非常冷而且会下雨。总的来说,葡萄牙是一个适合居住的国家。Michael: And Ive heard you have nice beaches in Portugal.迈克尔:我听说葡萄牙有很漂亮的海滩。Ana: Yes, we do. I used to go to the beach everyday with my family in summer. It was really great. But the beaches can get really crowded. Lots of people, so you might want to be a bit careful when you choose where to go.安娜:对,没错。我以前夏天的时候每天都和家人去海滩玩。那段时光特别美好。但是海滩上非常挤。海滩上有很多人,你在选择去哪里玩的时候要谨慎一些。Michael: All right, I see. And where do you live in Portugal?迈克尔:好,我知道了。你住在葡萄牙哪里?Ana: I live in a small village actually. You probably dont know it. Its called Palmela. But its south of Lisbon and its by the coast, so its really nice. We get a nice view of the mountains and of the rivers. So I really enjoy living there. Its really quiet. Not a lot of people. A lot of wine farms actually and really nice food. You should come and visit sometime.安娜:我住在一个非常小的村庄。你可能不知道这个地方。我生活在帕尔迈拉。那里位于里斯本以南,是个临海的村庄,所以非常不错。我们有美丽的山脉和河流。我非常喜欢那里的生活。非常宁静,人口不多,有很多葡萄园和美食。你应该找个时间去游览一下。Michael: I like wine. And so you have good wine in Portugal. What sort of food do you eat in Portugal?迈克尔:我喜欢葡萄酒。葡萄牙有上好的葡萄酒。那葡萄牙有什么食物?Ana: Lets see. We get a lot of fish because were by the sea. And so codfish is a traditional and sardines and mackerels.安娜:我想想。我们有很多鱼类,因为我们国家临海。鳕鱼、沙丁鱼和鲭鱼是传统食物。Michael: Oh, I like sardines.迈克尔:哦,我喜欢沙丁鱼。Ana: Yeah. Its really good. And we also have really good desserts. So for example, coffee cake, yogurt cake. Weve got pastel de nata which is kind of an egg tart thing. So I really recommend you try that with our coffee when you go there.安娜:嗯,我们的沙丁鱼非常不错。我们还有非常好吃的甜点。比如咖啡糕和酸奶蛋糕。还有葡式蛋挞。你去葡萄牙的话,我建议你喝咖啡时搭配葡式蛋挞享用。Michael: All right. And you speak Portuguese as your first language.迈克尔:好。葡萄牙语是你的母语。Ana: Yes, I do. I speak Portuguese. Its not the same as Brazilian Portuguese but its really close and we can understand each other. So thats really great.安娜:对。我说葡萄牙语。我们说的葡萄牙语和巴西葡萄牙语不太一样,不过很接近,我们可以相互理解。这很棒。Michael: All right. And can you understand Spanish as well?迈克尔:好。你也能听懂西班牙语吗?Ana: Yeah. I can understand a little bit of Spanish but there are some differences between Portuguese and Spanish.安娜:能。我可以听懂一点儿西班牙语,不过葡萄牙语和西班牙语有些不一样。Michael: How do you say hello in Portuguese?迈克尔:你好用葡萄牙语怎么说?Ana: Oh, you can say, ;Ola.;安娜:你可以说Ola。Michael: Ola.迈克尔:Ola(你好)。Ana: Yeah, its fun. You should learn some Portuguese.安娜:嗯,有意思。你应该学些葡萄牙语。Michael: Oh, Id love to.迈克尔:哦, 我很想学。 译文属 /201703/499333。

  • Sian is amused because Feifei is looking for a stamp to post her letter. Why doesnt she just send an email? In this programme youll learn an adjective that describes people or things that seem old-fashioned.菲菲正在找邮票,打算贴在信上,这让希恩觉得很有趣。她为什么不发电子邮件呢?在本期节目中,大家将学习一个形容词,用来描述某人或某事“过时”了。Sian: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Sian.希恩:大家好,欢迎收听B英语教学频道的地道英语节目。我是希恩。Feifei: Hi everyone, Im Feifei.菲菲:大家好,我是菲菲。Sian: What on earth are you looking for Feifei? Why are you taking everything out of your bag?希恩:菲菲,你到底在找什么?你为什么把包里所有东西都拿出来了?Feifei: Im just looking for a stamp — I know Ive got one in here somewhere. I just cant seem to find it.菲菲:我在找邮票,我记得我包里有张邮票的。可是现在我找不到了。Sian: A stamp? What do you want a stamp for?希恩:邮票?你找邮票要做什么?Feifei: Ive written a letter to my family and I want to get it in the post before midday.菲菲:我给家里写了封信,我想在中午之前把信寄出去。Sian: Youve written a letter? Thats a bit old-school isnt it?希恩:你写了封信?这有点儿老旧过时了吧?Feifei: Old-school? Who are you calling old-school? Im younger than you!菲菲:老旧?你说谁老旧过时呢?我可比你年轻!Sian: Yeah but writing letters is quite old-school, you know — its a bit old-fashioned. Most people just email or send instant messages nowadays.希恩:没错,可是写信有点儿太老套了吧,你知道这可是过时了。现在大部分人都写电邮或是发信息。Feifei: Yeah, but its so nice to get a real letter in the post! So old-school basically describes something thats from an earlier time — something old-fashioned. Lets hear some examples:菲菲:对,可是收到一封邮寄来的真实信件感觉非常棒!所以,old-school这个词就是形容早期的东西,一些过时的东西。我们来听例句:Examples例句Woah! That haircut is so old-school!哇!那个发型真是太老土了!You want to go roller-skating tonight? Man, thats so old-school!你今晚想去滑旱冰?老兄,那也太过时了!Our new teacher is a bit old-school in his approach, but he always gets good results.我们新老师的教学方法有点儿过时,不过他总能收到不错的效果。Feifei: So old-school is used as a bit of an insult, right?菲菲:old-school这个词有点儿侮辱性,对吧?Sian: No, it doesnt have to be. It can also be used a compliment — to talk about something from the past that you admire. Or to describe something you feel nostalgic about.希恩:不是,不一定。在谈论你所欣赏的旧事物时,可以用这个词表示称赞的意思。或者也可以用来形容你觉得怀旧的事物。Examples例句I love your new coat — its so old-school!我喜欢你的新大衣,它太复古了!Look at these old-school computer games, arent they awesome?!看看这些怀旧的电脑游戏,是不是很棒?!Feifei: Exactly, I think its a good thing to be old-school. If only I could find that stamp.菲菲:没错,我认为怀旧是件好事。要是我能找到那张邮票就好了。Sian: Why dont you just fax it?希恩:为什么不发传真呢?Feifei: Well, that really would be old-school Sian. Get with the times!菲菲:希恩,那太过时了。要跟上时代的步伐! 译文属 /201609/467211。
  • Todd: So, usually, do people come up and talk to you after the show, or are people usually kind of shy and they dont know how to approach you?托德:一般来说,演出结束以后人们是会过来和你们聊天,还是他们会害羞,不知道要如何靠近你们?Eoin: Yeah, so thats another thing. I mean we have a CD stall and some people are very forward and theyll come and instantly like rush up and buy a CD but I think in Japan, especially it seems like people are kind of shyer about approaching you so giving out a questionnaire and asking people write it, it gives them an excuse to come up and talk to you anyway if theyre interested later. So yeah, whenever weve given out questionnaires, it seems like we sell more CDs on those days.约恩:是另一种情况。我们有一个出售CD的货摊,有些人会冲过来买CD,不过我认为在日本,人们要更害羞一些,会不好意思靠近,所以分发调查问卷让人们填写,会给感兴趣的人过来和我们说话的机会。我们分发调查问卷的时候,会卖出更多的CD。Todd: Then you just actually pass this out to the audience?托德:那你是就直接把调查问卷发给观众吗?Eoin: Yeah. Normally theres not that huge a number of people there, maybe forty or fifty people.约恩:对,通常不会有太多的观众,大概四五十人的。Todd: Yeah.托德:好。Eoin: Maybe a few more. It depends on the night. So this is... what Im describing here is for a gig thats sort of away from home, you know. We played a concert just recently in Oita where we live and that was more of an event that we organized so we pretty much knew most of the people who had come anyway. In that case we played for longer, didnt do the questionnaire thing and just went out drinking after the gig. It was a more relaxed event on the night and afterwards but of course preparing for it in advance required a lot more effort — making sure people came and calling other bands to come and play with us and that sort of side of things.约恩:也可能会有更多的观众。这要取决于晚上的情况。我说的是那种离家很远的现场演出。最近我们刚刚在我们生活的大分市进行了表演,那更像是我们组织的一场活动,所以大部分来的人我们都认识。在这种情况下我们的表演时间会长一些,不用做调查问卷,表演结束以后可以去喝酒。这种活动要更放松一点,当然事前也要进行充足的准备,要确保有人来,还有请其他乐队和我们一起表演。Todd: So do you have a fan base? A big fan base?托德:你们有粉丝群吗?很大的粉丝群体?Eoin: I wouldnt say its massive but, yeah I guess when we play in Oita normally somewhere between, on a good day maybe 35, 40. On a bad day 15 to 20 people will come and see us.约恩:我不能说我们的粉丝人很多,不过我想我们在大分市表演时,最多会有35到40个人来看。少的话可能有15到20个人来看表演。Todd: Still, thats good.托德:那也很不错了。Eoin: But, I mean, thats more, you know, we have to pro-actively contact them and say ;Hey, you wanna come and see the band?; Its not like we just put an advert in the paper and everyone turns up, unfortunately.约恩:还有,我们要主动和他们接触,我们会说:“嘿,你想来看乐队演出吗?”不幸地是,并不是我们只要在报纸上发布广告,就会有人来看演出。Todd: Well, hey, you know. Give it time.托德:嘿,你知道,要慢慢来。 译文属 /201602/425583。
  • 12. Calling to Reschedule a Time12.打电话重新安排时间A: Hello, may I please talk to a store manager?A:你好,我可以请跟商店经理讲话吗?B: Yes. What seems to be the problem?B:是的。有什么问题?A: I scheduled some furniture to be delivered today.A:我今天安排一些家具的送货。B: Would you like to change the delivery time?B:你想改变交货时间吗?A: Yes. Something came up and I wont be home until 3 p.m.A:是的。有些事情,我直到下午3点才回家。B: That is not a problem, sir, Ill fix it.B:这不是一个问题,先生,我会处理好。A: Thank you. I was worried it had aly been dispatched.A:谢谢你!我担心它已经发送了。B: Its no problem at all.B:没有问题。A: Please tell the deliverymen to be aware of my dog.A:请告诉送货人注意我的。B: Does he bite, sir?B:他咬人吗,先生?A: No, but he may trip someone.A:不咬,但是他可能会绊倒人。B: Ill make sure theyre on high alert. B:我会确保他们处于高度戒备状态。 /201510/406736。
  • unit 48邀请参加晚宴dialogue英语情景对话A:Here is an invitation for you.A:这有一份你的邀请函。B:Oh, thank you. What is the occasion?B:哦,谢谢,是什么事?A:Tomorrow is the lOOth anniversary of our company. Our general manager invites you to a dinner party. Do you think you can manage it?A:明天是我们公司100周年纪念日,我们总经理邀请你参加晚宴,你能安排得开吗?B:Oh, yes, ld very much like to go.B:哦,是的,我非常愿意参加。A:That is great. Dinner starts at 6:30. Can you be there by then?A:那太好了,晚餐将于6点半开始。你能准时参加吗?B:lll be there in time.B:我会准时到的。A:All right. Bye.A:好,回头见。B:Bye.B:回头见。 /201505/373461。
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