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John Kerry, the US secretary of state, started a week-long tour of the Middle East and Europe yesterday to try to win support for the creation a new government in Iraq capable of bridging the sectarian tensions threatening to tear the country apart.美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)昨日开始对中东和欧洲进行为期一周的访问,以求争取各方持,在伊拉克建立一个有能力弥合可能撕裂该国的教派冲突的新政府。Mr Kerry will be seeking political cover from allies in the Gulf for possible US military action against Sunni militants in northern Iraq, while also trying to convince them that Washington does not plan to cede more ground in Iraq to Iran.对于美国可能对伊拉克北部逊尼派武装分子采取军事行动,克里将从海湾盟国那里寻求政治掩护,同时他还将试图让他们相信,美国不计划在伊拉克问题上向伊朗作出更多让步。The diplomatic push follows President Barack Obama’s announcement on Thursday that the US would send 300 “military advisersto Iraq and is considering “targeted air strikesagainst the insurgents but is also pushing for political reform in Baghdad to engage disaffected Sunni.在克里此次出访之前,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)上周四宣布,美国将向伊拉克派00名“军事顾问”,并考虑针对叛军实施“有针对性的空袭”,但同时将推动伊拉克的政治改革,要求该国政府与不满的逊尼派接触。Mr Kerry arrived in Egypt yesterday for the first leg of his trip, just as Sunni militants gained control of a town close to the Jordanian border. “This is a critical moment,Mr Kerry said following a meeting with Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s president, calling the militants a “threat not only to Iraq but to the entire region克里昨日抵达此行的首站埃及,与此同时,逊尼派武装分子占领了一个接近约旦边境的小镇。克里在与埃及总统阿卜杜勒#8226;法塔#8226;西西(Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)会面后表示:“这是一个关键时刻,”他称这些武装分子“不仅是对伊拉克的威胁,而且是对整个地区构成的威胁”。In a television interview, Mr Obama said the insurgents were “destabilising the countryand that the fighting could “spill over into some of our allies like Jordan and that they are engaged in wars in Syria奥巴马在接受电视采访时表示,叛乱分子正在“破坏伊拉克的稳定”,战火可能“蔓延到约旦等我们的盟国”。来 /201406/308079Bill Clinton doesnt want his wife to win the U.S. presidency, according to sources cited in an explosive new book about the 0 million conglomerate that the Clintons have become since they left the White House.据英囀?每日邮报3日报道,根据美国《旗帜周刊》编辑丹尼尔?哈尔珀近日推出爆炸性新书内容,比尔·克林顿似乎不想自己的妻子当上美国总统,因为重返白宫他会受到“重重束缚”。The former president is deeply conflicted about the idea, writes Daniel Halper in Clinton Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, a well-sourced and easy-ing book released Tuesday.这本书名字叫《克林顿公司:大胆重建的政治机器》,消息来源十分丰富,并且通俗易懂。书中说,这位前总统对这个想法“陷入了深深的矛盾之中”。A former senior adviser to President Clinton told Halper that if Mrs. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic favorite, should become president, Clintons f***ed. History would remember Hillary as the trailblazing first female president, the insider says, but hes gonna be the guy that got a b*** j** and was impeached.克林顿的前高级顾问告诉哈尔珀,如果有望成为民主党总统候选人的希拉里成为总统,克林顿会抓狂,因为历史会记住希拉里是美国历史上具有开拓性意义的首位女性总统,而自己则将沦为一个遭到弹劾的家伙。Friends of Bill say in the book that the former president with the wandering eye ded the idea of going back to the White House in 2017 because he would be trapped there, leashed, without room for his libido to run or any meaningful say in government policy. He would also find his wings clipped literally losing his ability to jet-set and entertain celebrities nonstop in exotic locales between 0,000 speaking engagements.书中透露,比尔的朋友们爆料克林顿很“恐惧017年重返白宫,因为他将被“困”在那里,束缚重重,没有房间让他释放性欲,他对政府政策也不会有任何重大的发言权。他也会发现自己的权力受到限制,没办法坐飞机到处旅游,也不能款待界名人,更不能到处办演讲活动吸金Why would he want to be the first spouse? a Clinton confidant told Halper. Whats he going to do? Live back in the White House and do the Christmas cards? Officially, according to presidential scholars and historians, the wily and philandering former president would be known as Americas first gentleman a line y-made for late night comics.“他有什么理由想成为第一先生?他到时候能做什么?重新住进白宫,然后做圣诞卡?”克林顿的密友说。况且,最后在总统的学者和历史学家笔下,这个老谋深算、沾花惹草的前总统将会以美国“第一先生”而闻名。来 /201407/315794

Sailing the seven seas to China is looking like a sound strategy for Carnival and Royal Caribbean .对嘉年华(Carnival)和皇家加勒比(Royal Caribbean)游轮公司而言,跨越七大洋来到中国看来是明智的决策。Both industry leaders are riding a wave of growth in China stemming from surging interest in cruising as a middle-class family vacation option: on Tuesday, Carnival, the world’s largest cruise operator, raised its global revenue forecast for the year in part because of another quarter of double-digit revenue growth in China, a trend it expects will continue for “the next few years.”中产家庭对游轮这种度假方式的兴趣陡然上升,从而推动了中国市场的增两家行业龙头正在搭乘这班顺风车。周二,全球最大游轮运营商嘉年华游轮公司上调了今年的全球收入预期,因其中国市场的季度营收再次实现两位数增长,而且该公司预计“未来几年”这股势头将延续。Carnival started operating in China relatively recently, in 2006, with its Costa brand, and finally turned a profit last year, with things looking even better so far in 2014. And the Miami-based Carnival is going all in: in May, Carnival said it would deploy its Costa Serena, which has long cruised the Mediterranean, to China year-round beginning next year. It is also relocating its chief operating officer to Shanghai to oversee the business there and be y for the boom.嘉年华游轮总部设在迈阿密,公司的歌诗达(Costa)品牌于2006年进入中国市场,在华经营时间较短,去年扭亏为盈后,今年的发展形势更上一层楼。嘉年华正在全力开拓中国市场:5月份该公司表示,长期以来一直在地中海运营的歌诗达赛琳娜号(Costa Serena)将从明年开始常驻中囀?嘉年华还把首席运营官办公室搬到上海,以便管理中国业务,为迎接市场井喷做好准备。Meanwhile its smaller rival, Royal Caribbean, seen as the better positioned of the two for China by analysts,is set to redeploy its newest ship, the 4,200-passenger Quantum of the Seas, to Shanghai year-round starting in next spring after only six months cruising New York-Caribbean trips. (The Quantum is scheduled to debut in November.)与此同时,分析师更为看好的规模稍小的皇家加勒比正准备把其最新的游轮迁到上海,这艘可容纳4200名乘客的海洋量子号(Quantum of the Seas)将在纽约和加勒比海之间航行6个月(定1月份首航),此后从明年春天开始常驻上海运营。The interest in China comes as European demand for cruising is pressured by a chronically weak economy and lingering memories of the 2012 Costa Concordia (a Carnival-operated ship) disaster, which killed 32 passengers when the ship ran aground off the Italian coasts, and as the U.S. market continues to mature. Cruise companies have had to lower prices to entice customers in such those markets.与对中国市场的兴趣相伴的,是欧洲游轮市场的需求因经济长期低迷受到了抑制,而且人们012年的歌诗达协和号(Costa Concordia)游轮事故仍心有余悸(当时,嘉年华旗下的这艘游轮在意大利海岸触礁,造成32名乘客丧生)。与此同时,美国市场趋于成熟。游轮公司在欧美市场不得不通过降价来吸引消费者。And there is no denying the enormous potential of Chinese tourism: some 100 million Chinese are set to travel abroad this year. In 2012, Chinese consumers spent more than 0 billion on travel abroad, with that growing 28% in the first 9 months of 2013 (full year data are not available yet), according to the ed Nations World Tourism Organization.中国在旅游方面的巨大潜力毋庸置疑:今年中国出境游人数将达到约1亿人。联合国世界旅游组织(ed Nations World Tourism Organization)提供的数据显示012年,中国游客在境外的消费超过1000亿美元,2013年前9个月又增长了28%(尚无全年数据)。“For a market of that magnitude, there is still extremely little awareness of cruising and what the cruising experience is,Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean’s operating chief, told Fortune in a recent interview. “While it (China) may not register too much on the Richter scale yet, the plans we plans we’ve made for next year—including bringing Quantum of the Seas to Shanghai—we weren’t thinking in those terms in 2012.”皇家加勒比首席运营官亚当o戈德斯坦最近接受《财富》杂志采访时表示:“中国市场规模庞大,但乘坐游轮的意识仍然极低,对游轮旅游的体验知之甚少。尽管中国目前在游轮领域的发展程度可能不高,但是我们已经制定了来年计划,包括把海洋量子号部署到上而在2012年的时候我们还没有这样的打算。”To further build up its business, Royal Caribbean recently struck a deal with Chinese online travel company Ctrip, which is the biggest seller of its cruises there: under terms of that deal, Royal Caribbean sold one its older ships, the Celebrity Century, to Ctrip and will manage the renovated vessel.为进一步扩大业务,皇家加勒比最近和中国在线旅行务商携程网(Ctrip)达成了协议,携程网是皇家加勒比在中国的最大销售商。按照协议条款,携程网收购了皇家加勒比的精致世纪号(Celebrity Century),并将运营这条翻新船。Royal Caribbean and Carnival have both praised the Chinese government for being proactive about building out the infrastructure so that their large ships can dock there.中国政府正在积极修建基础设施以方便大型游轮停泊,皇家加勒比和嘉年华双双对此表示赞赏。嘉年华首席执行官阿诺德o唐纳德表示:“我们预计,有朝一日中国将成为全球最大的游轮市场。”来 /201410/331992

Greece’s government has raided the coffers of its public health service and the Athens metro as it widens a hunt for funds to keep itself afloat and service debts.希腊政府开始物色更多资金维持自身运转并偿还债务,为此甚至已经向国内公共卫生务和雅典地铁的“小金库”下了手。Athens faces a 1.7bn bill for wages and pensions at the end of the month and then a 450m loan payment to the International Monetary Fund on April 9. Greek government and eurozone officials believe Athens does not have funds to cover both.本月底,希腊要付的工资和养老金达到17亿欧元,4日还要向国际货币基金组织(IMF)偿还4.5亿欧元贷款。希腊政府和欧元区的官员认为,希腊政府目前没有足够资金满足这两方面要求。In another constraint on Greece’s ability to raise cash, the European Central Bank decided to impose stricter curbs on the issuance of short-term government debt.欧洲央行(ECB)决定对希腊发行短期政府债施加更严苛的限制,这是希腊政府融资能力面临的又一项约束。EU officials expressed hope that a marathon Monday night meeting between Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, and his German counterpart, chancellor Angela Merkel, would spark long-stalled talks over economic reforms Greece must implement to unlock 7.2bn in frozen bailout aid.欧盟(EU)官员们表示,他们希望周一晚希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)和德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)的马拉松式会谈,能启动停滞已久的、有关希腊必须执行哪些经济改革措施的谈判,以释放被冻结的72亿欧元纾困资金。Athens has promised to deliver a list of reforms to eurozone authorities by Monday. But officials cautioned that the list would still have to be agreed with bailout inspectors before eurozone authorities could make progress on any deal to free up new funding.希腊政府此前已承诺,到周一将向欧元区当局提出一份改革清单。但官员们警告称,该清单仍然必须先获得纾困督察员的认可,然后欧元区当局才可能在达成释放新资金的协议方面向前迈出一步。Though Mr Tsipras discussed his reform plans with Ms Merkel on Monday night, there were few signs that talks in Athens with bailout inspectors had become more active following the Berlin meeting.尽管周一晚齐普拉斯与默克尔讨论了他的改革方案,但基本没有迹象表明柏林会谈之后,在雅典举行的与纾困督察员之间的谈判已变得更加活跃。来 /201503/366459

Three Al-Jazeera journalists are marking one year since they were arrested in Egypt on charges of supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood, as they look toward a court date Thursday to appeal their case.一年前,三名半岛电视台记者在埃及被逮捕。他们被控持被取缔的穆斯林兄弟会。星期四,这三名记者将向法院提出上诉。Australian Peter Greste and Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fahmy are in prison on seven-year sentences, while their Egyptian colleague Baher Mohamed is serving a 10-year sentence.澳大利亚公民格雷斯特和埃及裔加拿大公民法赫米被判7年监禁;他们的埃及同事默哈迈德被0年监禁。Grestes brother Michael told reporters Monday that the family has to be hopeful the court appeal will lead to the journalists release.格雷斯特的兄弟迈克星期一对记者说,他的家人希望这次上诉能使格雷斯特获释。Egyptian President Mohamed Fattah el-Sissi said after the journalists were convicted in July that the decision must be respected and he would not interfere.今年7月,埃及总统塞西在这三名记者被定罪后表示,必须尊重这一判决;他不准备进行干预。Al-Jazeera has insisted its workers were simply doing their jobs reporting the news, and the news agency called the verdict against them ;shocking.;半岛电视台坚持说,这三名记者只是在做报道新闻的本职工作,并表示对他们的判决感到“震惊”。来 /201412/351376Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to meet in Brussels Wednesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande for negotiations on new bailout funds for the debt-ridden country.希腊总理齐普拉斯星期三在布鲁塞尔与德国总理默克尔和法国总统奥朗德举行会谈,讨论向债务缠身的希腊提供新的救助资金的问题。Greece has three weeks to come up with enough cash to avoid a default on its obligations to the International Monetary Fund when its international rescue package expires at the end of June.希腊的国际救助项月底到期,希腊三个星期后必须有足够的资金履行对国际货币基金组织的还债义务,否则就是债务违约。On Tuesday, Greece offered a new economic reform plan to its international creditors -- the International Monetary fund, the European Central Bank, and Greeces European neighbors.希腊星期二向国际债权人提出新的经济改革计划,避免在六月底债务违约。这些债权人是国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央和希腊的欧洲邻囀?Details of the new ideas Greece sent to its lenders were not disclosed, but some officials said they focused on revised fiscal targets for Greeces beleaguered government and new ways to generate revenue.计划的细节尚未透露,但一些官员说,重点是修订陷入困境的希腊政府的财政目标和增加财政收入的新渠道。Greeces new radical leftist government is engaged in a standoff with its creditors over implementing ongoing austerity reforms agreed to by earlier Greek governments.在落实希腊前政府已经同意的经济紧缩改革方面,希腊新的激进左翼政府与国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央和欧洲邻国等债权人陷入对立。Germany and France are two of the largest single contributors to Greeces bailout package.德国和法国是希腊救助计划的两个最大的出资囀?来 /201506/380270

Angela Merkel, German chancellor, yesterday delivered a sweeping criticism of President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine crisis, warning that Russia was “creating problemsin Moldova and Georgia, and trying to make some Balkan states “politically and economically dependent德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)昨日就乌克兰危机猛烈抨击了俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)。她警告称,俄罗斯正在尔多瓦和格鲁吉亚“制造麻烦”,并试图让一些巴尔干半岛国家“在政治上和经济上依赖俄罗斯”。Ms Merkel’s comments, in a German newspaper interview, were published just as France’s President Fran#231;ois Hollande was meeting Mr Putin in an effort to defuse tensions.在默克尔接受一家德国报纸采访,发表上述言论之际,法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)却与普京会晤,以期缓和紧张关系。Asked about the risk of war between Russia and the west over the Baltic states, where Moscow has in recent weeks unnerved residents with military flights and other aggressive acts, the chancellor struck a reassuring tone.在被问及俄罗斯与西方围绕波罗的海国家开战的风险时,默克尔的回答令人放心。莫斯科最近几周出动的军事飞机和其他激进举措让那里的居民们感到不安。“The question of war in the Baltic states does not arise,she told Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper. “Nevertheless, Article 5 of the Nato treaty, that is the obligation of mutual support, applies to all allies.”她向德囀?周日世界报Die Welt am Sonntag)表示:“波罗的海国家并未出现战争问题,然而,北约(Nato)协定条款适用于所有盟国,即各成员国负有相互持的义务。”The interview was published yesterday, a day after Mr Hollande made an unannounced stop in Moscow for a two-hour meeting with Mr Putin at Vnukovo airport. The two leaders emerged saying they believed they could help resolve the Ukraine crisis.上述采访文章是在昨日发表的,此前一天,法国总统奥朗德在外出访问期间出人意料地经停莫斯科,与普京在伏努科沃机场举行了两小时会谈。两位领导人结束会谈后表示,相信他们可以帮助解决乌克兰危机。Paris said yesterday that Mr Hollande later spoke on the telephone with Ms Merkel and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.法国政府昨日表示,奥朗德后来与默克尔和乌克兰总统彼得#8226;波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)分别通了电话。Few details of the France-Russian encounter were released but Mr Putin said afterwards: “The discussion we have [#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;] is producing some positive results.”法俄双方没有透露多少此次会晤的细节,但普京后来表示:“我们的讨论……正产生一些积极的结果。”The contrast between the French and German approaches reflects the competing impulses within Europe as member states struggle to deal with Mr Putin. Even within national governments, there is a debate about whether to take a softer or harder line against Moscow to persuade Mr Putin to curb his support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.法德两国截然不同的态度,反映了欧洲各国在与普京打交道方面彼此竞争的冲动。甚至在各国政府内部,就采取怀柔还是强硬手段以促使普京收敛对乌克兰东部分裂主义叛军的持也争论不休。Mr Hollande’s visit was also shadowed by the added drama surrounding two warships the French have so far refused to deliver to Moscow because of the crisis an awkward stance for Paris that could force the government to repay Moscow and also hurt its reputation as a military supplier.奥朗德的访问也因两艘军舰的事情而蒙上阴影。由于乌克兰危机,法国迄今拒绝向莫斯科交付这两艘军舰,这对巴黎来说有些尴尬,可能迫使法国政府向莫斯科偿还相关款项,也会损害其军事供应商的名誉。Both Moscow and Kiev made comments over the weekend about holding talks in Minsk tomorrow to try to achieve a definitive ceasefire after repeatedly violating a pact agreed in September.各方将于明日在明斯克举行谈判,以努力促成最终的停火,此前在9月达成的停火协定被屡次违背。莫斯科和基辅周末均就明日的谈判发表了。来 /201412/347261

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