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TV news from a selfie stick自拍杆直播新闻Sky News, an Australian television network, is hoping the selfie sticks are the future of television, and a number of its reporters will soon be filing stories with the help of a selfie stick cousin, the LiveU SmartGRIP.澳大利亚电视广播公司天空新闻希望自拍杆能够成为电视广播的未来,该公司的许多记者很快就能在与自拍杆类似的LiveU SmartGRIP工具帮助下进行新闻报道。It lets reporters attach their smartphone and external microphone to the handheld device and, using LiveU#39;s LU-Smart mobile app, quickly transmit high-quality footage back to the newsroom.记者可以将其智能手机和外置麦克风安装在这种手持装置上,并使用LiveU的LU-Smart移动客户端,迅速将高质量的视频片段传送回新闻编辑部。At present, the SmartGrips will predominantly be used for breaking news.目前,这种装置将主要在报道突发新闻时使用。 /201506/381046Each year, to urge them on, we put out an open call for application essays about these subjects and publish the best essays that we can find. This year, we chose seven with the help of Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former dean of freshmen at Stanford whose new book, “How to Raise an Adult,” is coming out next month.《纽约时报》每年公开号召学生撰写有关金钱、职业和社会阶层方面的大学申请陈述,并且发表了七篇我们所能找到的最好的文章。纽约时报中文网选登了其中的五篇,以下是第五篇。HOMETOWN家乡Centreville, Va.弗吉尼亚州森特维尔HIGH SCHOOL高中Westfield High School维斯特菲尔德高中COLLEGE PLANS大学计划Georgetown University乔治城大学;Just another illegal looking for a job,; the chubby cashier whispers to his coworker as my dad and I walk out of the convenience store. We had just driven up to buy lunch, and my dad was delighted to see a ;Help Wanted; sign.当我和父亲走出便利店时,肥胖的收银员和他的同事耳语道,“又是一个在找工作的非法移民。”在这之前,我们开车去买午饭,父亲看到“招聘启示”时十分欣喜。;Mi hija, por favor pregunta si puedo aplicar; he eagerly pleads to me. Despite my hesitations of seeing an army of white-faced workers, I reluctantly agreed to ask the chubby cashier for an application. The cashier, whose name tag said Dave, informed us that the first part of the application was a verbal interview. Dave would ask the questions, and my dad would do his best to respond. His English was broken and he frequently looked to me for translating. After a few questions Dave concluded the interview and looked over to me,“女儿啊,我可以申请吗?”父亲急切地向我恳求道。尽管我很不请愿看到一群白色面孔的工人,但还是勉强同意去向肥胖的收银员问一问工作申请的事。胸卡上写着戴夫(Dave)的这名收银员告诉我们,申请的第一步是口头面试。戴夫会问一些问题,父亲要努力作答。父亲的英文很糟,所以频繁地望着我让我帮他翻译。在问了一些问题之后,戴夫转过头望着我。;Listen, girl. He#39;s over 60 and speaks no English. There is no way we would hire him.; His tone was rude, but I sadly understood why my dad wasn#39;t hired. I faced my hopeful dad and watched his smile drop as I told him that Dave just remembered that they hired someone yesterday and that they really couldn#39;t afford to hire anyone else. My dad was disappointed, but nonetheless he graciously shook Dave#39;s hand and thanked him for his time.他看着我说:“听我说,姑娘,他已经60多岁了,一点英语都不会。我们没办法聘请他。”他的语气很粗鲁,但是我难过地明白了,为什么父亲没应聘成功。我面对着满怀希望的父亲,告诉他戴夫刚想起来昨天就已经招过其他人了,而且他们真的没钱再招聘其他人了,这时我看到父亲的笑容褪去了。父亲很失望,但是很有礼貌地握了握戴夫的手,感谢他抽空进行面试。Job searching is difficult for everyone, but in a world full of Daves, it#39;s almost impossible. Daves are people who look at my family and immediately think less of us. They think illegal, poor and uneducated. Daves never allow my dad to pass the first round of job applications. Daves watch like hawks as my brother and I enter stores. Daves inconsiderately correct my mother#39;s grammar. Because there are Daves in the world, I have become a protector for my family. I excuse their behavior as just being a ;typical American.; I convince my mother that they are only staring at her lovely new purse. I convince my dad they are only shouting about store sales to us. Aside from being a protector, I am also an advocate. As an advocate, I make sure my family is never taken advantage of. I am always looking out for scams and discrepancies. I am the one asking the questions when we buy or sell a car. I make sure all details are discussed and no specifics are left unanswered.找工作对每一个人来说都很困难,但是在一个到处都是戴夫这样的人的世界里,它变成了几乎不可能的事情。戴夫们一看到我的家人就会立刻看扁我们,认为我们是贫穷、没有接受过教育的非法移民。戴夫们永远不会让我的父亲通过第一轮工作申请。我和我的兄弟进入商店时,戴夫们就会像老鹰一样紧盯着我们。戴夫们会纠正我母亲的语法,丝毫不顾及她的感受。因为世界上有戴夫们的存在,我成了家人的守护者。对于他们的行为,我就理解为“典型的美国人”就是这样的。我说母亲,他们只是在盯着她新买的可爱钱包看。我说父亲,他们朝我们大声嚷嚷,只是店铺的推销。除了当一个守护者,我还是一个倡议者,我要确保自己的家人永远不会被人占便宜。我总是在留心那些骗局,以及与事实不符的表述。买卖车辆时,都由我来问所有的问题。我要确保所有细节都要谈到,所有具体问题都有解答。I have been committed to helping my parents since I was 8 years old. Although I didn#39;t always enjoy acting like a mini-adult, I was always delighted to see my parents smile when I finished a task. I quickly came to a conclusion that I liked making other people happy. It felt good to do something for others that they couldn#39;t do for themselves. My parents never shielded me from reality. I was very aware of their past struggles with poverty and I knew how lucky I was to have food on the table, a roof over my head and a school to attend, and after years of helping just my parents, I decided to expand my clientele: I began volunteering.从8岁开始,我就一直致力于帮助父母。尽管我并非总是很喜欢扮演一个小大人,但是每次完成一个任务时,看着父母的笑容我总是很开心。我很快得出了一个结论,那就是我很喜欢让别人幸福。为别人做一些他们自己无法做到的事情让我感觉很舒。我的父母从来都没有帮我抵挡现实,我很清楚他们过去与贫困的抗争,我知道自己何其幸运,能够有饭吃,有地方住,有学可上。在帮助父母数年后,我决定拓宽自己的客户群:开始做志愿务。I have volunteered at soup kitchens, retirement homes, public libraries and parks. I have worked with inspiring leaders, traveled to unique locations and met with engaging people of all ages. I quickly developed a love for both service and my community, and after eight years the love still flourishes.我在救济站、养老院,公共图书馆和公园都做过志愿者。我还曾和鼓舞人心的领导者一起共事,前往到偏僻的地方,遇到了各个年龄段的颇具魅力的人。我很快就爱上了公共务,也爱上了我的社区,即便在八年之后,这份爱依旧不灭。I am excited to widen my impact and hope to pursue a career in either public service, politics or diplomacy. I am so grateful for all the support I have received. From caring public school teachers to subsidized lunches, the ed States has put me on a path to success. Undoubtedly this path wasn#39;t always paved, but rugged and relentless feet have carried me along.对于能够扩大自己的影响力,我感到很兴奋,也希望能够从事公共务、政治或者外交领域的工作。我很感激自己所获得的所有持。从关心照顾我的公立学校的老师到补贴午餐,美国为我走向成功铺垫了一条道路。无疑,这条道路并不总是顺利的,但是我那双强健且坚韧的双脚鼓舞着我前进。 /201506/380046Interested in 37 newfangled apps that will save you 0.01 percent on travel for the coming year? I didn’t think so. At some point, you have to stop trying to find every new tool for and shortcut to bargains as they appear and just wait to see which ones stick. By now, you surely know some basics: You probably use meta-search sites to compare airfare and hotel prices; you’ve either tried or consciously avoided “sharing economy” services like Uber; you know that most domestic car rental reservations can be canceled with no penalty should you find a better rate even on the day of the trip.在新的一年里,有37个新奇的app能给你省0.01%的旅费。你有兴趣吗?我觉得你不会。在某个时刻,你必须停止努力寻找每个新出现的工具和讲价捷径,等等看哪些app能存活下来。到目前为止,你肯定知道一些基本情况:你很可能使用元搜索网站来比较机票和酒店价格;你可能尝试过或有意避免Uber这样的“分享经济”务;你知道如果找到了更便宜的租车价格,美国国内的大部分租车预约务可以取消,且没有任何惩罚,即便是在旅行当天取消。So instead of offering wacky tricks, here are eight ways to take strategies you aly know and do them better — with, O.K., a few new appealing tools thrown in.所以,我在这里提供的不是怪异的窍门,而是如何利用你已经知道的策略,以及如何更好使用它们的八个方法。好吧,里面也包括几个吸引人的新工具。Uncomfortable with strangers living with you? Equally unexcited to bunk with strangers? Or simply hesitant about Airbnb’s legal struggles? Take a baby step into the sharing economy by renting out your car while you’re away and get free airport parking to boot. Or rent someone else’s car for less than most traditional companies and forget about monitoring the ebb and flow of daily rates as your trip approaches. FlightCar.com is now operating in Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington and Los Angeles, among other cities. If you’re leaving your car at an airport, you will get between Teachers may seem strict and boring but I bet they crave for being a student again and have fun. Probably, that is why this school teacher from Thailand carried away while checking test papers.教师通常是又严厉又乏味的,不过我相信,他们内心也渴望能再和学生一样愉快的玩耍。大概正由于此,这位泰国的老师在批改试卷时着实“任性”了一回。 Students usually doodle when, either they finish exam early or they don’t know what to write on the question paper. These doodles are mainly unfinished and totally random. However, this school teacher took the opportunity to complete the unfinished doodles with his own artistic skills. After a while, when students noticed what their teacher was doing, they started drawing more and requested to add more stuff. 当学生们在考试时间截止前完成了试卷,或者不知道该在试卷上写什么的时候,他们常常在试卷上涂鸦。这些涂鸦之作往往是未完成的随性之作。可是,这位老师却趁此机会,运用自己的美术天才续画了这些未完成的涂鸦画。后来,当学生们发现老师的续画作品之后,他们开始变本加厉的画画,要求老师再接着他们的作品画下去。A few of these drawings only needed a little touch from the teacher while others got new body parts or characters.下面这些涂鸦画中,有的只需要老师画龙点睛,有的则被加上了新的主体或者人物。 /201504/369452.05 and .20 per mile driven, plus that free parking if you are renting out your car. Savings can be significant: As of late December you could rent from FlightCar in Boston in January for as low as a day (including tax and insurance), more than 40 percent less than the cheapest listing I found on Kayak (not including insurance).和陌生人住在一起会让你觉得不安?也不想和陌生人睡上下铺?或者就是对Airbnb的法律纠纷心怀疑虑?你可以初步尝试一下分享经济,在外出旅行时把车租出去,这样还能免费在机场停车。或者试试租别人的汽车,价格比大多数传统公司都低,这样就不用在旅行临近时关注每日车价的涨跌。FlightCar.com现在在波士顿、旧金山、费城、华盛顿和洛杉矶等城市运营。如果你把车留在机场租出去,你的车每跑一英里,你就能赚0.05至0.20美元,另外还能省去机场停车费。你能省很多钱:在12月底,通过FlightCar你能以每天19美元的低价约到1月份波士顿的汽车(含税费和保险费),比我在Kayak上找到的最便宜的价格(不含保险费)还低40%多。If even cars are a bit much for you, how about renting someone’s bike? Spinlister.com started in 2012 and has since sp across the world; last December it added skis and this past summer expanded to surfboards and standup paddle boards.如果连租车你都嫌贵,那租自行车怎么样?Spinlister.com网站于2012年开创,后来扩展到全球。2013年12月它增加了租滑雪板业务,去年夏天扩展到冲浪板和站立式划桨板租赁。Nothing on Airbnb says you can negotiate a better price when you book rooms or apartments or houses or yurts, but nothing says you can’t, either. Write the host a note that goes something like this: “Your place looks great but it’s a bit outside my price range. Would you consider a night?” (It’s not as likely to work if the property is managed by a third party rather than directly by the owner.) You’ve also probably noticed Airbnb’s service fees of 6 to 12 percent when they ambush you before you finalize your reservation. A new start-up with a cute name, hovelstay.com, charges a lower 3 percent service fee and caps its (pre-fee) prices at a night — no more browsing jealously through those gorgeous, unaffordable Airbnb digs. Instead, Hovelstay, which previously was available only to students, breaks things down into three groups: “survival hovels,” “good enough” and “clean amp; comfortable.;Airbnb上没说预订房间、公寓、房子或帐篷时可以讲价,但也没说不能。你可以给主人写这样一封短信:“你的房子看起来很棒,但比我的预算高了一点。你看60美元一晚行吗?”(如果房产不是房主直接管,而是交由第三方管理,很可能讲不下价)。你可能也注意到,在你最终预订之前,Airbnb会宰你一刀,它的务费是6%至12%。hovelstay.com是个新网站,名字很可爱,它的务费不到3%,而且房价是每晚最高99美元(不含手续费)——不用再艳羡地浏览Airbnb上那些租不起的漂亮房子。Hovelstay之前仅面向学生,它包括“仅供生存”、“足够好”和“干净舒适”这三类房子。Flying through an airline’s hub rather than going nonstop is the oldest savings trick in the book. But a stopover in Kiev? That’s new. Ukrainian International Airlines began flying out of New York in late April — tragically bad timing. Less than three months later, a Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border amid unrest in the southern and eastern parts of the country itself (far from Kiev). But the airline staged a comeback with almost absurd promotional rates from New York (Dubai for 3?), and although tickets are going fast, as of this writing you can still get from New York to Istanbul or Athens for 9 in February, for example; to Bangkok for 3 in May. All have very reasonable layovers. I couldn’t resist, and booked a flight from New York to Tbilisi, Georgia, and back from Yerevan, Armenia, for 3, with two checked bags (great!) and Ukrainian airplane food (hmmmm).搭需要转机的航班而非直达航班是众所周知的最古老的省钱方法。但是在基辅转机?那可是新鲜事。去年4月底,乌克兰国际航空公司开通了很多从纽约起飞的航班——不幸的是,那个时机很糟糕。不到三个月后,由于乌克兰东南部(离基辅很远)的动乱,马来西亚航空公司的一架飞机在乌俄边境被击落。不过这家航空公司以近乎荒谬的促销价卷土重来(从纽约飞到迪拜只用453美元?)。虽然机票卖得很快,但就在我写这篇文章时,你仍能以479美元的价格买到2月份从纽约飞往伊斯坦布尔或雅典的机票,以953美元的价格买到5月份飞往曼谷的机票。这些航班的转机地点都很合理。我没忍住,花了493美元订了一个从纽约飞往格鲁吉亚第比利斯、再从从亚美尼亚耶烈万返程的航班,包含两件免费托运行李(太棒了!)以及乌克兰机餐(美味)。To state the obvious, some countries are just more expensive than others. I found that out on a trip through Scandinavia, where I ran through cash maybe five times as quickly as I had in an earlier trip to Bolivia. But how cheap a country is can change from year to year, especially as its currency changes. I ran the currencies for most major (and some minor) tourist destinations from Jan. 1, 2014, to late December and found out which ones lost the most ground against the dollar. You probably have aly heard that the Russian ruble is tanking (as of late December, a dollar will get you 94 percent more than it did a year ago), but here are some other countries where you would get at least 13 percent more cash for your cash if you arrived there right now: Argentina (31 percent), Chile (16 percent), Mongolia (15 percent), Israel (13 percent) and — yes — Sweden (16 percent) and Norway (21 percent). It was also a bad year for the euro, which means right now is a good time to go to Europe: You would receive about 10 percent more for your dollar in countries from Portugal to Slovakia. (Of course, not all goods and services will be exactly that much cheaper, including hotels that set rates based on the dollar.)显而易见,有些国家的消费比较高。我发现在北欧旅行时的花钱速度大约比之前在玻利维亚快五倍。但一个国家的消费水平每年都不同,特别是在汇率发生变化时。我浏览了2014年1月至12月底大部分主要(有些是次要)旅游目的地的货币汇率变化情况,找出了与美元相比贬值最多的币种。你可能已经听说俄罗斯卢布在贬值(到12月底,一美元能兑换的卢布比一年前多了94%),不过还有其他一些国家,如果你现在去的话,能至少多兑换13%的当地货币:阿根廷(31%)、智利(16%)、蒙古(15%)和以色列(13%),是的,还有瑞典(16%)和挪威(21%)。今年欧元的行情也不好,这意味着现在是去欧洲的好时机:从葡萄牙到斯洛伐克,美元能兑换的当地货币增加了约10%(当然,不是所有商品和务都会便宜那么多,比如那些按美元定价的酒店)。You spend a lot of time searching online travel agencies, but have you ever clicked the “Packages” tab? It’s not a match for every trip, but I found out this year that booking a hotel and flight together is the single fastest way to save. It’s not even that unusual to pay less for the plane fare and hotel together than you would have paid just for the flight. But it’s important to compare the price to the best deal you can find elsewhere. When a site tells you you’re saving 10 or 20 percent, that’s compared with the very same flight and hotel booked separately, which is probably not what you would have booked if you had done separate searches. Also note that flights booked through Priceline won’t always tell you your exact itinerary before you book a package, so you might end up with unsavory layovers.你花了很多时间搜寻在线旅行社,但你有没有点击过“套餐”选项?它并非适合每一次旅行,但是今年我发现一起预订酒店和航班是最快的省钱方法。你为航班和酒店一起付的钱比单买机票还便宜的情况也并非罕见。不过,重要的是,你要把这个价格与你在其他地方找到的最便宜的价格相比较。当一个网站说你能省10%或20%时,它是指与单独预订这个航班或这个酒店相比能省10%或20%,而你单独搜索的话,很可能发现更便宜的航班和酒店。还要注意,通过Priceline订购的航班并不总会在你订购套餐之前把行程路线告诉你,所以你有可能遇到不喜欢的转机地点。Probably the most common question I get is where to sleep cheaply in New York. I used to hem and haw and mumble something about Priceline bidding, but now I have a new answer: Stay in Long Island #173;City, Queens, just across the East River. When I checked what a week’s stay would cost in March at hotels one or two subway stops from Midtown, I was shocked to find that 18 of 20 hotels were 1 a night or less. (With taxes it’s 0 or less.) Do you know what Manhattan hotels cost? For that matter, do you know what Manhattan rents are? Even some city residents could save cash (and gain housekeeping service) just by moving in. The same idea can apply to other cities that have secondary clusters outside the main business district but near public transportation. Use Hipmunk’s great maps to scout out the city you’re visiting.别人问我最多的问题可能要算是在纽约住哪儿最便宜。过去我总是吾吾,咕哝一些“Priceline网上竞价”之类的话,但现在我有了一个新:住在东河对岸的皇后区长岛市(Long Island #173;City, Queens)。3月份,我查询一处距离中城一两站地铁的酒店的一周费用,震惊地发现20家酒店里有18家是每晚最多151美元(加上税最多180美元)。你知道曼哈顿酒店的价格吗?说到这个,你知道曼哈顿的租金有多贵吗?甚至连市里的一些居民搬到这里也能省钱(还能获得客房务)。这个主意也适合其他在主要商务区之外有次聚集区的城市,但是这个地方要靠近公共交通。你可以用很棒的Hipmunk地图巡视你要去的城市。If you’re like me, you still like guidebooks, but have to admit it’s tempting just to search online for what to do wherever you’re headed. But if you search “Rome attractions” or “Paris tourism,” for example, you’ll get an avalanche of messy results. Making it through 11 0 weekends around the world, I’ve learned that every city of any size or cultural importance has at least a half-dozen great activities that cost nothing, not to mention free museum days and the like. So search “London free” (without the ation marks) and choose from the bounty that follows.你可能像我一样仍然喜欢旅游指南,但必须承认,不管去哪儿,在网上找找有哪些活动也挺诱人的。但是,如果搜索“罗马景点”或“巴黎旅游”,你会得到一大堆乱七八糟的结果。在做完“在全球11个地点花100美元度周末”之后,我发现每个城市,不管大小,不管文化重要性如何,都至少会有几项免费的重要活动,更别提那些免费物馆日。所以,你可以搜索“伦敦免费”(不要加问号),从搜出来的福利中选一些吧。Budget travelers are quick to assume their credit card will make the collision damage waiver sold by car rental companies unnecessary, and that their health insurance will cover them fully while abroad. Those can be costly assumptions; credit cards normally don’t cover liability and may not cover collision in all countries, for example. Between now and your next trip, make a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and plow through the small print of your favorite credit card’s benefit package and your health insurance’s international coverage. Everything’s online, of course, so “small print” is just a figure of speech. You might even find some benefits you didn’t know you had, like reimbursement for toiletries if your luggage is lost or for your camera lens if you drop it within 90 days of purchase — as I’ve done multiple times.穷游旅行者会想当然地认为,有了信用卡就不必操心汽车租赁公司的碰撞免责条款,健康保险将负担他们在国外的一切医疗费用。这些错误想法会让他们付出很大代价。信用卡通常不能付损害赔偿,可能不能在所有国家付碰撞责任赔偿。从现在开始,到你下次旅行之前,煮一杯咖啡,深呼吸,仔细研读你最喜欢的信用卡的福利待遇附属细则以及你健康保险的国际覆盖范围。当然,现在什么东西网上都有,所以我说“细则”其实是泛指。你甚至可能发现你之前不知道的一些福利,比方说,如果行李丢失,你能得到化妆品作为赔偿,或者如果你在购买后90天内把相机镜头摔坏了,也会得到赔偿。我就摔坏过几次。 /201501/353638A 65-year-old Berlin woman who aly has 13 children is pregnant again with quadruplets, Germany#39;s RTL broadcaster reported on Sunday.4月12日,据德国RTL电视台报道,柏林一名65岁的女性怀上了四胞胎,而此前她已经育了13名孩子。The Russian and English teacher#39;s pregnancyfollows several attempts abroad at artificial insemination over the last year-and-a-half, according to the private TV channel.根据这家私人电视台的报道,这名女性是一位俄语兼英语老师。过去一年半,她去国外尝试了几次人工授精,然后成功受。The woman, Annegret Raunigk, decided to try to have another child because her youngest daughter, who is nine, wanted a little brother or sister, the channel said on its website.她的名字叫安妮格特·罗尼格。据该电视台官网上的报道,她决定尝试再生一个孩子是因为她九岁的小女儿想要一个弟弟或。It said it would broadcast an interview with the expectant mother, who has seven grandchildren, on Monday evening and plans to track her through the pregnancy and afterwards.该电视台透露,将于4月13日晚播出这位已是七个孩子奶奶的妇访谈节目,并且会继续跟踪报道其期和后续情况。It said the pregnancy had so far been without any major complications and that if everything went well, the babies were due in the summer and that Ms Raunigk would be the world#39;s oldest mother of quadruplets.电视台透露,罗尼格怀至今没有出现任何重大并发症,如果一切顺利,四胞胎将于今夏出生,而她也将缔造生下四胞胎的年龄最大妈妈的世界纪录。Mass circulation newspaper Bild am Sonntagreported the four-baby pregnancy on its front-page, ing the prospective mother-of-17, whose oldest daughter is reportedly 44, recalling the moment doctors broke the news.德国畅销报纸《周日图片报》头版头条报道了罗尼格怀上四胞胎的消息,介绍这位准妈妈将有17个孩子,据悉,最年长的女儿已经44岁了,文章还回忆了医生公布怀消息那一刻的情景。;Certainly that was a shock for me. After the doctor discovered there were four, I had to give it some thought to begin with.“我听到这个消息当然很震惊。医生告诉我是四胞胎的时候,我不得不先平复了一下心绪才能继续对话。”;On the scan it was just clear to see,; Bild ed her as saying, adding however she had not considered it an option to reduce the number of embryos.“扫描仪上看得很清楚,”《图片报》引述她的话,并且称她当时没有想过要减胎。At a time when other women her age are preparing to slow down and take things easier, Ms Raunigk indicated she had no reservations about the challenges ahead.当处于她这个年龄段的女性都在减慢生活节奏,准备安度晚年的时候,罗尼格表示她愿意毫不犹豫地迎接挑战。;I#39;m not actually afraid. I simply assume I#39;ll remain healthy and fit. In matters of organisation I have enough experience, that#39;s not new for me,; she said.“事实上我并不害怕,我就是觉得,我一定会继续保持健康有活力。在组织条理方面,我很有经验,这对我来说并不陌生”,她说道。Asked about moral doubts, RTL ed her as asking: ;How does one have to be at 65? One must apparently always fit some cliches which I find rather tiring.在被问及伦理道德方面的疑虑时,RTL援引她的话问道:“65岁的人应该干什么?显然难逃一些陈词滥调,但我觉得那样做很累人。”;I think, one must decide that for oneself.;“我认为,一个人必须自己做决定。”Her gynaecologist, Kai Hertwig, was ed on the RTL website ahead of Monday#39;s broadcast as saying that quadruple pregnancies were always a strain but that everything was currently going well.在13日访谈播出前,RTL网站引用她的妇科医生卡伊·赫特维希的话称:怀有四胞胎难免要承受压力,但目前一切都进行得很顺利。The biggest risk for the babies is being born prematurely and doctors are doing all they can to prevent that, the gynaecologist added.这位妇科医生透露,胎儿们面临的最大风险是早产,医生正竭尽所能地防止这一情况发生。Ms Raunigk made headlines 10 years ago too, when she gave birth to her 13th child, Lelia, at the age of 55.罗尼格十年前就上过头条,那时她55岁,生下了第13个孩子莱莉雅。;At first, I only wanted one child,; Bild ed her as saying at the time. ;Not all were planned. But then things happen. I#39;m not a planner but rather spontaneous. And children keep me young.;“起初我只想生一个孩子”,《图片报》当时援引她的话说。“并不是所有事情都是计划之内的,但就这样发生了。我不是一个做什么事都喜欢计划的人,我喜欢顺其自然。而且孩子们能让我保持年轻。” /201504/371863



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