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Working with your ex is a situation no one wants to face. But with VideoJugs excellent advice, you and your ex will soon be best workmates without that underlying tension.与前任一起工作是任何人都不愿意碰到的情况。但是用我们的建议,你将能很快消除和前任之间的无形的紧张,进而成为最好的同事。Step 1: Be professional1.专业Whatever is going on in your love life, from 9-5 your mind should be on your job. Dont dwell on the reasons for your break up, its over - move on. Stop staring longingly at them with tears in your eyes, and restrain yourself from scrawling insults over their desk. From this moment on see that person as a colleague, just like everyone else in your workplace.不论你的感情生活发生了什么,你的全部心思都应该放在朝九晚五的工作上。不要为工作之外的事情分心,也不要眼泪汪汪地注视着曾经的恋人的身影,更不要放任自己在她的桌子上涂鸦。从此刻开始,把她当成一个同事看待,用一种看待其他同事的方式。Step 2: Talk it out2.说出来Discreetly take your ex to one side away from prying eyes. State that whats past is past, it will be difficult but you are looking forward to being workmates.把她拉到一处没人察觉的地方,做一个了断的声明,虽然有些不好受,但还是要向前看,接受成为同事的事实。Mention that this is important for both your jobs and your happiness. If they dont share your mature attitude, dont scoop to their level, dont give each other the cold shoulder, or even worse, mud slinging in the office is not going to make either of you look good. The more normal you act, the more likely they are going to follow suit.要强调说双方做个了断对你的工作和生活很重要。如果她不同意你的意见,也不要因此降低你对自己的要求。当然也不能从此之后互相冷战,更不能相互诋毁,这会使你们俩一起名誉扫地。在相处过程中,你表现的越淡然,对方就越可能会学着你做。Step 3: Avoid sensitive topics3.避免敏感话题Wounds may still be raw so dont rub them. Its wise not to flirt with the new temp in their presence, or start reminiscing about what a great time you had in Ibiza together last year. And never, ever bring up the break-up - unless you want to relive it one last time.伤痛还未消失,不要随便碰触。最好不要在她面前与新欢调情,也不要追忆去年你们俩一起在伊比利亚半岛上度过的美好时光。当然,永远永远不要提起你们分手的事情,除非你打算重温那段让人心碎的时间。Step 4: Other colleagues4.别的同事Misery attracts company. Mentioning you are having issues with your ex will see the whole sorry episode picked over again and again by your gossip hungry colleagues, they may even begin to take sides. Less scurrilous workmates might feel excluded or embarrassed by your situation. Keep your affairs to yourself and prevent your life being turned into a soap opera.痛苦是流言的源泉。如果主动告诉别人你和前任的故事,你就会看到一群对流言蜚语如饥似渴的同事一遍又一遍的提起你的“不幸往事”,他们甚至还会因为观点分歧而形成两个阵营。而不喜欢绯闻的人不愿意听你的那些絮叨的故事。所以把过去的事情放在心里,不要把自己的生活变成活脱脱的肥皂剧。Step 5: Give it time5.让时间冲淡一切Dont expect to immediately have the same working rapport with your ex as you have with your other colleagues. It will take time but eventually you may develop an even better relationship.不要指望能迅速地与前任建立良好的工作关系,这需要时间,可能到最后你们的关系会更密切。Now get back to work!现在,回去专心工作!Thanks for watching How To Work With Your Ex.谢谢收看本期“与前任共同工作”节目。201208/197131How to Test Your IQ on HowcastStep 1: Find an IQ test onlineFind an IQ test online. There are many different IQ tests to measure different intelligence ients.第一步:在网上找一个智商测试在网上找一个智商测试。有许多种类型的智商测试来测试不同方面的智商。Tip:IQ tests are scored by comparing an individual’s results with the scores. of other people who are the same age.小贴士:要将个人的测试结果和同龄的其他人相比较,才能分高下。Step 2: Take the practice testTake a practice test. For a practice test, you are not allowed to use a pen and paper — all the work must be done in your head. During the test, and respond to a total of 38 statements in 13 minutes or less. If you take longer, you will be penalized; if you get through the test in less than 13 minutes, your score will increase.第二步:进行练习测试进行练习测试。在练习测试中,不允许你用纸和笔——所有工作都要在头脑中完成。在测验中,在13分钟内中或更少的时间内读并且回答38道题。如果你花费的时间超出了3分钟,你会被扣分;如果在少于13分钟内完成了,你的分数会增加。Step 3: Account for language barriersAccount for language barriers. If you take the test in a language that isn’t your native tongue, your score will be lower than it would be if you had taken the test in your own language.第三步:考虑语言障碍考虑语言障碍。如果你参加的测试,内容不是用你的母语写的,分数会比你参加母语测试的预期分数低。Tip:IQ tests for kids are usually administered by trained psychologists or teachers.小贴士:针对儿童的智商测试常由受过训练的心里专家或教师来进行。Step 4: Take the test againTake the test several times and average your scores to account for factors such as anxiety and misunderstandings. Drop your best and worse scores and average the rest.第四步:再次测验一个测验要反复做几次,得出平均分,以便将诸如紧张和误解的因素排除。去除得分最高和最低的分数,求平均数。Step 5: Understand your scoreAssess your score. A score of 85 to 114 is average and accounts for 68 percent of test takers. A score of 40 to 54 indicates a severely challenged test taker, and a score of 160 to 175 indicates extraordinary genius.第五步:理解测试得分对分数进行评估。85到114之间的分数是平均分,68%的人都会得到这个分数; 40至54之间的分数说明有轻微智障;160至175之间的分数表明是个天才。Step 6: Understand the purpose of IQ testsUnderstand that IQ tests are intended to determine an adult’s true mental potential, unbiased by culture. Scores are compared to the scores of other adults who have taken the same test.第六步:理解智商测试的目的理解智商测试的目的是确定成年人的真实智力状况,从文化上讲很公正。将自己的得分和参加过同样测验的人相比较。Step 7: Understand the limitationsKnow that actual intelligence is extremely difficult to quantify. Many critics contend that IQ tests are not guided by a plausible theory of how the brain operates, and they don’t accurately measure what “intelligence” actually is.第七步:明白测试的局限性要知道实际的智商是很难量化的。许多批评家声称智商测试没有在大脑如何思考的正确理论指导下进行,测试并不能准确地衡量智商的真实状况。201011/119251How To Build A Mini Greenhouse: In this , Mike Jackson is going to show you how simple it is to build your own mini greenhouse, and give you some useful gardening tips.怎样构建迷你温室呢?在这段视频中,麦克·杰克逊将为你展示自己打造迷你温室多么简单,并为你提供一些实用的园艺技巧。Hello. Im Mike, and welcome to Camden Garden Centre. Im going to give you some help with some gardening advice.大家好,我是麦克,欢迎来到卡姆登园艺中心。我将为你提供园艺方面的一些建议。A mini greenhouideal for putting on a patio or a balcony if youre restricted for space is so easy to assemble. Everything just push-fits together, no tools needed. And thats it, and you can see its got four trays for the plants to go on as well.如果你受到空间限制,在露台或阳台上建造一个小型温室非常简单。所有部件都是组合起来的,不需要任何工具。你可以看到,这个平台共有四个托盘,可以把花盆放在上面。And now, the cover for it. And then, this panel just zips down. And then, in the warmer months during the daytime, you can unzip the flap at the front all the way to the top, enough to get air in there and expose the seedlings to sunshine.现在,把塑料膜套上,拉链拉下来。在一天中较暖的时候,你可以把拉链打开,将前面的部分卷到顶端,让足够的空气进入温室内,让秧苗得到充足的阳光照射。And thats a little tray of seedlings to go in. Whats probably a good idea is, everyday rotate the different trays of seedlings, so this one on top which is getting the most light will go to the bottom. And so you would move them around everyday, so that the seedlings will all get equal amounts of light.这里是一小托盘秧苗,我们把它放进去。我们建议最好每天轮换放不同的托盘,今天放在顶端,接受到最好的光线照射的托盘明天放到最底层。每天轮换,秧苗得到的光线比较均等。Clearly, the seedlings on the bottom shelf will be in the darkest place, and seedlings need lots of light. So, if you keep rotating the seedlings, then youll get better results. And thats it, couldnt be easier.很明显,位于最底层架子上的秧苗处于最黑暗的位置,秧苗需要很多光线。如果每天轮换,你会得到更好的效果。就是这样,再简单不过了。Thats how to make a mini greenhouse.以上就是打造迷你温室的过程。Thanks for watching How To Build A Mini Greenhouse感谢收看“怎样打造迷你温室”视频节目。201211/207298

Its every performers dream to take part in CCTVs annual spring festival gala, and be watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese viewers. Today we take a look at one band from Taiwan thats competing to make it onto the show. And well round up some of the other initiatives by CCTV, aimed at giving audiences more quality programs.能参加每年一度的央视春晚,在亿万观众面前露脸是每一位表演者的梦想。今天我们先来看看台湾的一个乐队,他们要通过参与竞争才能登上春晚的舞台。然后再来看看央视的其它一些节目,这些节目都是质量上乘的原创节目。These four contestants from Taiwan are rehearsing for their chance at the big time.四位出身台湾选秀节目的选手正在进行排,争夺春晚演出的机会。Theyll be taking part in a contest, where the prize is a priceless appearance on CCTVs prime-time spring festival gala.他们将参加这次比赛,奖项是能在春节联欢晚会的黄金时段露面。Theyll perform pop songs from the Chinese Mainland as well as classics from Taiwan. The group say theyre passionate about connecting with both audiences.他们将会演唱中国大陆的流行歌曲和台湾的经典曲目。对于吸引两岸的观众,他们满怀热情。Taiwan contestants said,; The recording studio is just spectacular! We cant wait to get started!台湾的参赛选手说:“摄影棚超豪华!很期待能站到央视的舞台上去!”Theyll compete against 35 groups in the first stage of the contest this Sunday.这个周日进行第一阶段的比赛,他们要和其它35组进行竞争。Meanwhile, CCTV is launching a new cooperation venture with Australian broadcasters. With the first documentary series named ;The story of Australia;, the focus will be on giving an oriental perspective on the country.同时,央视还和澳大利亚广播公司携手,拍摄了首部中澳记录片《来自澳大利亚的故事》,以东方视角探寻一个充满魅力的澳大利亚。It also marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Australia.这也是为了庆祝中澳建交40周年。In the meantime, China is expanding broadcasting and program-making cooperation with African countries.与此同时,在广播和节目制作方面,中国也展开与非洲国家的合作。The 7th Africa TV festival kicked off in Johannesburg on Wednesday. CCTV was one of the chief representatives of Chinese television at the event. During the festival, South Africas ETV signed a deal to import more than a dozen Chinese films.第七届非洲电视节周三在约翰内斯堡开幕。中央电视台是中国电视的首席代表。参展期间,南非电视公司eTV签署了进口更多中国电影的协议。Its a sign of the ever-growing scale and great potential for China to work with other nations, in media and entertainment.在媒体领域和方面,中国和其它国家日益展开合作,潜力巨大。201211/207713

How to Admit You're Wrong on Howcast No one is right all of the time. Get over your pride and admit you’re wrong.You Will NeedAcknowledgement Understanding Honesty Apology Eye contact Step 1: Relax(准备承认错误的时候,保持冷静)Relax and stay calm when you acknowledge that you are wrong.Step 2: Avoid excuses(不要给自己找理由)When you apologize, avoid making excuses. A simple “I’m sorry” is appreciated more than an “I’m sorry, but I was really busy.”Maintain eye contact while you’re apologize.Step 3: Admit your mistake(真诚地承认自己的错误)Be honest and admit your mistake. State what you’re apologizing for.Step 4: Understand(要理解,每个人都会犯错)Try not to wallow in feelings of guilt. Understand that everyone makes mistakes. No one is right all of the time.Step 5: Learn(从自己的错误中反省)Learn from your mistakes. You’re a better person for it.President Ronald Reagan signed a bill in 1988 apologizing for the internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps in the ed States during World War II.201007/107861

Step 1: Recording your phone conversations 记录你的电话交谈 This can be done using a digital recorder and a lead to your phone. The type of lead will depend on the type of phone you are using. Use a mobile record lead for a mobile phone, a multi-line record lead for an office phone or a domestic phone line recorder if you want to record home phone calls. 各种技术发烧友有福啦,本期节目将告诉你如何记录声音。这可以利用数字记录仪和你手机的功能做到。手机的方法取决于你正在使用的手机种类。如果你想要记录家里的电话,使用手机记录功能,办公室的电话记录或者国内电话录音机都可以办到。 Step 2: Recording other peoples phone conversations 记录别人的电话交谈Its illegal to record both sides of a mobile phone call, although you can use a UHF phone transmitter to record landline conversations, providing youre not in the EU. 记录双方的电话都属于非法行为,所以请切勿尝试。假定你不是欧盟,虽然你可以使用超高频发射机记录固定电话对话,但请切勿尝试。 Step 3: Recording your face-to-face conversations 第三步: 记录你面对面的谈话 Miniature cameras can be hidden on your person - in a button hole, or in the lid of a pen for example. 微型摄像机这时就会派上用场,它可以隐藏在你的身体里,比如一个扣眼,或者是笔帽都可以办到。 Step 4: Recording other peoples face-to-face conversations 第四步:记录别人面对面的谈话 If you know the location of the conversation, a GSM transmitter can be hidden in an item of furniture in the room, for example a table lamp. Or you can plant an ultra slim transmitter on the person you would like to record if you dont know where the conversation is going to take place. 如果你知道谈话的位置,GSM发射器可以安置在的房间一件家具中,比如一盏台灯中。如果你不知道谈话的内容发生在哪里,你干脆可以将一种极端纤细的发射机植入你想记录的人身上,那可以方便你监听。最后善意的提醒各位,本文权作之用。201202/170548

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