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Forget what your mom told you about being yourself—there are definite things you can do to tip the odds in your favor!You Will NeedEye makeup An inquisitive mind And a willingness to laugh at his jokes Hair volumizer Lip plumpers Step 1: Don't starve yourself(有身材曲线的女人)Don’t starve yourself. Study after study proves that men prefer curvy over skinny.Step 2: Grow out hair(长发飘飘的女人)If your hair is short, grow it out. Surveys say that men love long, full, wavy manes.Use volumizer to boost your hair, and lip plumpers to pump up your pout, since pillowy lips denote youth.Step 3: Make eyes appear larger(大眼睛的女人)Have a makeup expert show you how to make your eyes appear larger. Large peepers are universally appealing.Step 4: Be choosy(很难得到的女人)Be choosy. People who are picky are actually more desirable to the opposite sex than those willing to give everyone a shot.Step 5: Be informed amp; well (有涵养的女人)Be informed and well . A pretty face may get you that first date, but in fact men aren’t as shallow as we think—for the long haul, they want a woman they can talk to.Step 6: Flatter him(会说话的女人)Found a special guy? Use targeted flattery. Figure out how he likes to think of himself—does he fancy himself an intellectual? A jock? A good-time Charlie?—then reinforce that perception.Step 7: Laugh at his jokes(幽默的女人)Laugh at his jokes. While women want a man who can make them laugh, men want a woman who will appreciate their wit.Step 8: Enjoy yourself(大方的女人)Enjoy being the belle of the ball!Research shows that while being seriously unattractive makes it harder to find love, being attractive actually doesn’t give much of an advantage over being average.201002/97326


昨晚9时40分,昆明开始下小雨,10时左右变大,持续一个小时。到昨晚11时左右雨水较大。昆明下雨后,昨晚10时24分,距昆明市区约200公里的云南重要烤烟种植基地玉溪市新平县下起中到大雨。2分钟后,马路水泥地面上便有积水流过。这是该县自去年8月以来,老天爷第一次下了场解渴的大雨。 Rain brings relief to Yunnan provinceThe drought afflicting Southwest China's Yunnan province has been quenched by a downpour. According to the local meteorological department, the cloudburst has brought relief to several areas in the province. Meanwhile, armed police are helping residents cope with insufficient water. Much needed relief for drought-hit Yunnan province. Although it's not heavy, in the provincial capital Kunming the rainfall is bringing hope to people struggling for water. A Kunming resident said, "I am very happy because of the rain. The drought has been lingering too long, making drinking water a big concern. I wish the rain could last longer." The cloudburst brought heavy downpours to other places in Yunnan, such as Pu'er and Nujiang. Meteorologists say the rainfall is expected to last up to 36 hours. But for many in the drought-stricken areas, the downpours won't totally ease their difficulty in finding sufficient water. Here in this primary school in Shilin, most of the students haven't had a shower for three months. A teacher said, "The pupils' hair is disheveled. A few of them are lucky to have their hair washed. Their hands, especially the boys' are dirty and black. " Local armed police are lending a helping hand. These vehicles are designed for soldiers to take showers. Now they serve as mobile bathing rooms to locals struggling to maintain their personal hygiene. "I feel very comfortable now after having bathed.It's been too long since the last shower." And the bathing water is also being cherished. After filtering, it will be used to water cattle and irrigate farmland, which locals hope will help them overcome the disaster. 201003/100076

Learn how to treat chilblains with this . Learn the ways a professional would treat chilblains and watch the medications and treatment modalities involved.观看这段视频,学习怎样治疗冻疮。学习一下治疗冻疮的专业方法,了解一下其中牵涉到的药物和治疗方法。Hello Im Charles Goldman, a qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist. I run “The Foot Pad” chiropody and physical therapy clinic in (Sounds like: Hoven), Central London. Today Im gonna talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.大家好,我是Charles Goldman,一名获得专业资格的脚病医生。我在伦敦中部经营了一家脚病诊所。今天我来为大家讲述一下不同的脚部问题和治疗方法。We are now going to discuss the treatment of chilblains. Chilblains are a painful condition generally in the toes, often occurs in very young or very old people, very rarely in people in midlife. They are caused by vasoconstriction in the toes,the blood supply to the toes.今天我们来讨论一下冻疮的治疗方法。冻疮通常出现在脚趾上,非常痛苦,多发生在非常年幼或非常年长的人群中,中年人比较少见。冻疮是由于脚趾血管收缩造成的,影响了到脚趾的血液供应。The best treatment for this is obviously insulation because it is often brought on by cold which is why it is often referred to as chilling the first thing to do is you have to be aware that you need bigger shoes so you can wear thicker socks to keep the toes warm. Also to cure the condition or the symptoms of the condition you can use a proprietary chilblain crane which is available at most chemists. This is advisable for the patient to do regularly and to keep the toes and to keep the feet warm.很明显,最佳治疗方法就是保暖,因为冻疮通常都是由于寒冷造成的。你要记住的第一件事就是需要一双更大一点的鞋子,这样你就可以穿厚一点的袜子来给脚趾保暖。治疗冻疮的另外一种方法就是使用专门的冻疮膏,大部分药店有售。建议病人经常涂抹,保持脚趾和双脚温暖。We often find that when people who have chilblains move to a warmer climate they often disappear which only confirms that it is a winter problem and when you get this problems you must treat them straight away because if you do not you can get broken chilblains which involve infection and these have to be treated separately as an infection. One of the things that you can do as well is to use something like benzoin tincture or witch hazel a mild astringent and even sometimes a solution of iodine can help the problem of the chilblain. And this is the way we would treat chilblains.我们经常发现,患了冻疮的人进入更加温暖的气候之后症状就会消失,这更加实了冻疮是与冬季相关的问题。一旦生了冻疮,必须立即处理,如果不立即处理,会出现非常严重的情况,包括感染。感染必须单独治疗。有时使用安息香酊或温和的收敛水,甚至有时碘溶液也可以对解决冻疮的问题有所帮助。以上就是我们治疗冻疮的方法。Thanks for watching How To Treat Chilblains.感谢收看“怎样治疗冻疮”视频节目。 /201301/220017

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