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  • 1. 词组句型准时on time, be punctualSentence patterns:When you make a date, you should reach there on time.He arrived on time.Punctual actions are welcomed by everyone.All the time we should be punctual.打卡punch, punch inSentence patterns:Whats the time for you to punch in?After work Tom punched out and went home.用完run out, be out of, use upSentence patterns:Were running out of petrol.Theyre running out of time.I think she is out of paper.I used up all the ink.He used up all the beef bones to make soup.对... 严厉be hard on somebody, be strict with somebodySentence patterns:Our boss is hard on us.The boss is so hard on us that we are a litte afraid of him.My father is strict with me.The old generation should be strict with the younger.松懈neglect, slack ofSentence patterns:He was severely criticized for neglect duty.When we work, we shouldnt slack of.与...相处融洽get on well with, on good terms with somebody, get along well with somebodySentence patterns:He can get on well with the people around him.Brenda is on good terms with her colleagues.She is getting along with his colleagues.下班go off work, knock offSentence patterns:When do you usually go off work?After going off work, Ill call you.I want to knock off one hour earlier.发言take the floor, speakSentence patterns:Its the chairmans turn to take the floor.Who will have the floor at the meeting?He spoke 15 minutes at the conference.Are you good at speaking in public?反对have objection to, against, objectSentence patterns:She had objection to the new regulation.Im against this plan.Are all the students against this proposal?They objected this agreement.寄望,依赖count on, depend onSentence patterns:Dont count on the salary increase.You can count on me.The thing will depend on how she response to the challenge.The agriculture of this area fully depends on the weather. /201207/190957
  • 今天分享的这个词组是“out of my league ”意为“跟我不是同一路人,跟我不在同个层次,多指对方在某方面优越于你”。精台词: It was Mr Big, major tycoon, major dreamboat, and majorly out of my league .比格先生出现了,他是商业大亨,也是个万人迷,他跟我不是同一个世界的人。双语例句: I like Susan. But she is out of my league .我喜欢苏珊,可是我配不上她!Skiing is out of my league .滑雪不是我的强项。 /201411/337828
  • Todd: OK, Now, Anna, you were telling a cute story about a special gift you gave your husband.托德:好的,那现在安娜,你讲讲有关你送你丈夫特别礼物的有趣故事吧。Anna: Yes. Well, our first Valentines day, I wanted to give John a very unique gift, so I remembered that he used to have an iguana, so I thought he liked reptiles, and I found a cute Pac Man Frog at the pet store, and actually one of my students told me about Pac Man Frogs and I thought, ;Oh, thats so cute!; and so I bought the frog for John and I surprised him with it, and I made him close his eyes and I brought the frog out and the look on Johns face was so funny. He was so terrified because he didnt like reptiles. I was wrong.安娜:好的。嗯,那是我们过的第一个情人节,我想送约翰一件非常特别的礼物,我记得他曾经养过一只鬣鳞蜥,所以我认为他喜欢爬行动物,我在宠物店看到一只吃豆蛙,实际上我的一个学生告诉过我有关吃豆蛙的事情,我想,“哦,它真可爱!”于是我为约翰买了这只吃豆蛙,想给他个惊喜,我让他闭上眼睛,然后我把吃豆蛙拿出来,当时约翰脸上的表情非常有意思。他非常害怕,因为他根本就不喜欢爬行动物。是我想错了。Todd: Oh, no!托德:哦,不!Anna: Yeah, so he had to keep the frog for maybe one year. And he didnt like it. He thought it smelled bad, and the worst thing was the frog had to eat baby mice, so once a week John had to go to the pet store and buy a baby mouse and feed it to the frog, so!安娜:是的,他不得不养那只吃豆蛙,大概养了一年吧。他根本不喜欢它。他认为它有难闻的味道,最糟糕的事情是这只青蛙要吃小老鼠,所以约翰不得不每周去一次宠物店买小老鼠,然后喂这只青蛙,就是这样!Todd: Wow! The frog ate mice?托德:哇!那只青蛙吃老鼠?Anna: Yeah, once a week, it ate a mouse.安娜:对,一周一次,它吃老鼠。Todd: How much did it weigh?托德:它有多重?Anna: Maybe 8 ounces. I dont know. It was big. It could sit in your hand. It was the same size as your hand. Yeah, it was really big.安娜:大概8盎司吧。我不清楚。它很大。它可以坐在你的手上。和你手的大小一样。嗯,它真的很大。Todd: Wow, thats a cool story. A Pac Man frog.托德:哇,这是一个很棒的故事。一只吃豆蛙。Anna: Yeah, Pac Man, cause it looks like the Pac Man character.安娜:对,吃豆蛙,因为它长的像吃豆人那个形象。 /201309/258237
  • 今天我们要讲的习惯用语都包括table这个词。它最普通的意思是桌子。第一个习惯用语是: lay all your cards on the table。Lay可以解释;放、搁;;cards是纸牌,所以从字面意思来解释,lay all your cards on the table就是把你所有的牌都放到桌面上来。换句话说是摊牌,也许对中国听众说来这个习惯用语的比喻意义是显而易见的,因为中文说;摊牌;含义就是亮出底细,也就是毫无保留地坦诚相见。这个习惯用语的出典显然是纸牌游戏。按照规则某一方在一定的时候得把手上的牌翻开来摊在桌面上。这样他就是把自己的底细都明明白白地告诉别人了。这个习惯用语沿用至今已经四百多年了。让我们来听个例子。这是一家贷款公司的业务代表在跟一个想购买房屋要借房屋贷款的人面谈。我们知道要做成这样一笔交易,借款人首先得毫无保留地向贷款公司公布自己一切财务情况,包括收入、储蓄以及债务等。例句-1:First, why dont you lay all your cards on the table? I mean all of your income, debts and savings so we can figure out what to do about buying this house. Youll need a lot of cash up front.他说:首先你为什么不把你的财务情况和盘托出呢?我的意思是你一共有多少收入、债务和储蓄。这样我们才能合计购买这栋房子的步骤。你先得有好多现款然后才能买房。这里的lay all your cards on the table意思是把所有情况和盘托出,也就是毫无保留地说出一切。******我们再学一个习惯用语: under the table。Under the table照字面意思来解释就是;在桌面底下。; Under the table和刚才学的习惯用语lay all your cards on the table意思刚好相反。在中文里也有类似的说法。也就是;不上台面的,;;暗地里的,;可以指偷偷摸摸的暗中交易。其实under the table这个习惯用语的出典就是在桌面底下把现金偷偷塞给洽谈生意的对方代表,贿赂他,以便于在台面上达成有利于自己的交易。所以人们说under the table指的是贿赂等不光明正大的暗中交易。二次大战期间由于食品短缺,而不得不配给供应很多主要食品,而食品店的掌柜往往把一些配给的紧张商品藏在柜台底下,留给关系好的顾客。于是人们也说under the table来指这种开后门的小动作。让我们来听个例子,里面有曾经学过的一个习惯用语making ends meet,意思是收平衡。好,我们一起来听这段话吧。例句-2:In certain countries nothing can be done without money changing hands under the table. This is especially true in places where officials get paid so little they have trouble making ends meet.他说:在某些国家你要是不偷偷塞钱贿赂,就什么也办不成。在那些办事人员收入微薄、收难以平衡的地方更是如此。所以这里under the table意思是偷偷摸摸地、暗中进行地。******我们最后再学一个习惯用语: turn the tables。Turn the tables字面意义是;转桌子。;这个习惯用语的出典也许是棋赛。在桌子两边下棋的对手在一局结束后,必须转到桌子的另一边和对方交换位置,用意是给输的一方绝对公平的机会去扭转局面、转败为胜。让我们听个例子来体会turn the tables用来说明什么意思。这是一个足球队员为他们球队终于击败了多年的劲敌而得意扬扬。例句-3:Until this year my college had lost ten football games in a row to our strongest rival. But last Sunday we finally turned the tables on them and crushed them 35 to nothing.他说:在今年比赛前我校已经输给我们最厉害的劲敌一连串十场足球赛了。但是上星期天我们终于反败为胜,以三十五比零的比分把他们打得落花流水。他们一连十次都败在对方手下,但是今年他们却扬眉吐气,以35比零的成绩把对方打得一败涂地。可见turn the tables含义是扭转局面,反败为胜。 /201403/280826
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