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华阴市妇幼保健中医院治疗阳痿多少钱渭南比较男科医院哪家好A: How have you been feeling lately?B: I’ve been feeling a little light-headed lately.A: Has your blood pressure been high bee?B: If I have high blood pressure, it is news to me.A: Usually people with high blood pressure have no symptoms, so we call it the silent killer.B: What do you use to check high blood pressure?A: I am going to put a cuff on you to get a ing.B: What does the ing tell you?A: I get an idea of the pressure in your arteries when your heart is pumping blood versus at rest.B: I hope that the test results show me to be really healthy. 1881渭南治疗包皮大概要多少钱 Taking a deep drag on his cigarette while resting on the steering wheel of his truck, he looks like a parody of a middle-aged lorry driver.躺在卡车的方向盘上,深吸一口手中的香烟,他看起来跟一个中年卡车司机没什么两样But the image covers up a much more disturbing truth: At just the tender age of two, Ardi Rizal health has been so ruined by his 0-a-day habit that he now struggles to move by himself.但是这张照片掩盖了一个更加令人感到不安的事实:他还只是个岁大的孩子一天四十烟的习惯严重损害了阿尔迪·黎刹的健康,以至于他现在做动作都非常吃力The four-stone Indonesia toddler is certainly far too unfit to run around with other children - and his condition is set to rapidly deteriorate.这名印尼男孩有5磅重(石),他的体格显然非常不适合跟其他孩子一起跑闹玩耍--而且他的身体状况将迅速恶化But, despite local officials offer to buy the Rizal family a new car if the boy quits, his parents feel unable to stop him because he throws massive tantrums if they dont indulge him.虽然当地政府承诺,如果这个小男孩戒烟就给阿尔迪家买一辆新车,但是他的父母还是没有办法阻止他抽烟,因为一旦他们不纵容他的爱好,阿尔迪就会大发雷霆His mother, Diana, 6, wept: He totally addicted. If he doesnt get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.阿尔迪的母亲名叫戴安娜,今年6岁,她抹着眼泪说道:“他完全上瘾了如果不给他香烟,他就会发怒、大喊大叫、用头撞墙他对我说他头晕、犯恶心”Ardi will smoke only one brand and his habit costs his parents 3.78 pound a day. But in spite of this, his fishmonger father Mohammed, 30, said: He looks pretty healthy to me. I dont see the problem.阿尔迪只抽一个牌子的香烟,这个爱好每天要花费他的父母3.78英镑但是尽管如此,阿尔迪的鱼贩父亲、30岁的默罕默德说道:“在我看来他非常健康我没觉得有什么问题”Ardi youth is the extreme of a disturbing trend. Data from the Central Statistics Agency showed 5 per cent of Indonesian children aged three to have tried cigarettes, with 3. per cent of those active smokers.阿尔迪的事例是一种令人不安趋势的极端表现据中央统计局的数据显示,在3到岁的印尼儿童中,有5%的人尝试过香烟,3.%的人经常抽烟 5899This week, across the Pacific, Americans are busy polishing off slices of turkey and pie, as part of the annual Thanksgiving holiday.本周,太平洋彼岸的美国人正在热火朝天地烤火鸡和馅饼,这是他们每年感恩节的一部分When the fourth Thursday in November rolls around, Americans gather around their dinner tables, appetites in tow, to re-live the 1 Plymouth feast. It a celebration of the country Pilgrim ancestors, who escaped religious persecution in England by sailing to Plymouth.每年月的第四个星期四,美国人都会团聚一堂,带着满满的食欲坐在餐桌边,重温1年普利茅斯的盛宴这是清教徒祖先流传下来的庆典,当年他们为了逃离英国的宗教迫害,远渡重洋来到了普利茅斯The first Thanksgiving is depicted as a rosy affair: grateful Pilgrims break b with their newfound Native American friends. But there renewed interest in muddying this tidy narrative. After all, colonization didnt end so cheerily Native Americans.第一个感恩节被描绘成美好的事件:心存感激的清教徒和他们新发现的印第安朋友一起用餐不过现在有人燃起了搅乱这种共识的兴趣毕竟,对印第安人而言,殖民并不是在愉快的氛围中结束的The character of Squanto, instance, is portrayed in Thanksgiving stories as a kind-hearted indigenous translator who shared helpful farming tips with the Europeans. But what most stories fail to mention is how bleak Squanto life really was.以斯匡托这个人物为例,在有关感恩节的故事里,他常被描述为热心的土著翻译,他和欧洲移民分享有用的农业小窍门但大多数的故事并没有提及斯匡托真实的悲惨人生Europeans had previously captured Squanto and ced him into slavery. That how he was able to speak English when the Pilgrims arrived. The arrival of European diseases also left Squanto without a home. His commy of Patuxet had all but died out.欧洲人早前就俘虏了斯匡托,逼迫他成为奴隶这就是为什么当英国清教徒到达普利茅斯时,他就能说英语了欧洲传来的疾病也让斯匡托失去了家人他所在的帕丢赛特部落几近灭绝The reaction against Thanksgiving–as a sanitized, European-focused holiday – started decades and decades ago. Native American groups have been celebrating ;Un-Thanksgiving; since the 1970s. The celebration started as a protest to protect indigenous rights.几十年前,反对感恩节的活动就开始了,这个节日被认为是使同化的,以欧洲人为中心的从世纪70年代开始,印第安人开始庆祝;非感恩节;这个节日最早是保护美洲原住民权利的一项抗议But this year, mainstream media organizations like Buzzfeed and the National Geographic Channel are confronting the myths surrounding Thanksgiving. The four-hour Saints amp; Strangers miniseries is National Geographic attempt to go ;beyond the familiar historical of Thanksgiving;.不过今年,主流媒体,如新闻聚合网站Buzzfeed和国家地理频道都在和感恩节神话进行对垒国家地理频道推出的四小时迷你剧《圣徒与陌生人就试图;颠覆大家熟悉的感恩节演变史;;So many people celebrate Thanksgiving every year, but I think most people have no idea what the story is behind it,; Saints amp; Strangers star Kalani Queypo told Indian Country Today.《圣徒与陌生人的主演盖拉尼·奎珀告诉印第安国度每日媒体网络:;每年都有很多人庆祝感恩节,但我认为大部分人都不知道它背后的故事;Thanksgiving isnt the only holiday to be criticized its simplistic depiction of colonialism. Columbus Day, the October holiday that celebrates explorer Christopher Columbus, is also coming under fire.因为简化对殖民主义的描述而被诟病的节日不仅只有感恩节每年月纪念探险家克里斯托佛·哥伦布的哥伦布日也饱受争议Columbus is famous ;discovering; the New World. But historical documents show that he helped expand the slave trade to the Caribbean by using violence against the native people.哥伦布以;发现;新大陆而闻名不过历史资料记载他是武力镇压原住民,将奴隶贸易扩展到哥伦比亚地区的帮凶Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Missoula, Montana, marked by replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. Even the Los Angeles city council considered dumping Columbus Day this year, according to the Los Angeles Times.密歇根州的安娜堡市和蒙大纳州的米拉苏市在年以土著人民日取代了哥伦比亚日据《洛杉矶时报报道,就连洛杉矶市议会都考虑过取消今年的哥伦比亚日;Los Angeles is the most culturally diverse city in the ed States, and we must find a way to honor the profound sacrifices made by countless tribal members through the centuries,; city council member Mitch OFarrell told the newspaper.市议会成员米奇·奥法雷尔告诉《洛杉矶时报:;洛杉矶是全美城市中文化最多元的,我们必须找到方法纪念几百年来为我们的国家做出重大牺牲的部落同胞;Some other countries are also questioning how to remember their colonial past. On May 6, Australia observes National Sorry Day, which commemorates the aboriginal children who were taken from their homes to be ;re-educated; with Western culture.还有一些国家也在争论该如何纪念它们的被殖民岁月5月6日,澳大利亚庆祝了国家道歉日,纪念那些被迫离开家人,接受西方文化再教育的土著儿童 3华州区割包皮手术

渭南做包皮包茎手术多少钱Many of us living in tiny apartments can only dream about growing vegetables in our own backyards, but thanks to Foop, an ingenious home gardening pod developed by Japanese company Cestec, we can now grow veggies in the comt of our own home.我们中的许多人都生活在狭小的公寓,只能梦想着在我们自己的后院种菜,但是多亏了日本Cestec公司发明的一种名为Foop的家庭园艺箱,我们现在可以在自己家里种植蔬菜了Foop is a small-size hydroponic agriculture kit that allows users to grow plants in water instead of soil. Its designers claim that you can use Foop to grow popular vegetables, including lettuce, arugula, basil, parsley or shiso, all of which can be raised from seeds and will develop faster than non-hydroponic plants.Foop是一种小型家庭园艺箱,用户可以用水替代土壤培养植物它的设计师表示,人们可以使用Foop来种植很受大众欢迎的蔬菜,比如生菜、芝麻菜、罗勒,香菜或紫苏这些蔬菜可以从种子开始育苗,且比非水培植物生长得更快The compact device houses a set of moisture-rich sponge pods in which you plant the seeds.这一小型设备中安置了一套富含水分的海绵栽培杯,你可以在里面播种After that, pair the Foop with your smartphone and youll receive a prediction of how long the plants will take to fully grow. You can also alter lighting, heat and humidity via an app.之后,将Foop与智能手机配对,你就能获得这些植物充分生长需要花费多长时间的预测你还可以通过一款应用调节灯光、温度、湿度The elegantly-designed wooden frame of the Foop is is produced by craftsmen from Hida, in Gifu Prefecture, one of Japan most famous woodworking regions, but the device also comes with a clear acrylic cover that lets you check the progress of your crops.Foop设计典雅的木制框架是由来自日本岐阜县飞驒市的工匠制作的,该市也是日本最著名的木材加工区之一除此之外,该设备也有一个透明的亚克力罩,可以让你检查作物的成长情况Foop will be officially launched in September, but Cestec has aly started taking preorders. Youll have to k out 38,800 yuan (0) it, but you should probably hurry and preorder, as the initial launch batch will aparently be limited to 0 s.据悉,Foop将于9月正式发售,但是Cestec公司现在已经开始接受预订你需要花费38800元(折合360美元)来购买它,不过预订请从速,因为第一批仅限量0台 3379陕西省渭南市韩城市人民医院男性专科 A: Can you direct me to some fresh produce that on sale?能告诉我哪里能买到正在打折的新鲜的水果吗?B: Well, weve got some great mangoes on sale.嗯,我们有很不错的芒果正在打折A: Mangoes? What are mangoes?芒果?芒果是什么?B: Well, it a fruit with a big seed in it.嗯,是一种中间有很大种子的水果A: Can you eat the seed?那个种子能吃吗?B: No. Peel the skin with a sharp knife, and throw out the seed. 不能用快刀把果皮削了,然后把中间的核扔掉A: Well, how much are they?嗯,多少钱?B: Well, theyre on sale today only each.嗯,这些今天特价,一元一个A: Can you describe their taste?你能描述他们的味道吗?B: They usually taste sweet, but they remind me of an orange.他们尝起来很甜,但是让我想到了橙子A: How can I tell if theyre ripe?我怎么判断他们熟了没有呢?B: You can buy them either ripe or unripe. Unripe ones are hard.不论有没有熟,你都可以买没有熟的很硬A: Where do they grow mangoes?芒果是在哪里生长的?B: The ones that are on sale are from Central America.这些在特价中的是在中美洲 78渭南阳痿治疗哪家好

渭南切包皮那家回比较好A woman who checked into a hotel the night was left gobsmacked - after she realised the outfit she was wearing matched the colours in the hallway of the venue.一女子入住一家旅馆过夜却发生了瞠目结舌的事情,因为她发现她穿在身上的衣和走廊的墙壁竟然撞衫了Imgur user Wickensworth, from the US, posted an image along with the caption: o my friend checked into a random hotel, and then this happened. The post, which has been seen more than three million times, attracted many comments from people asking who wore it better?, the friend or the hotel.来自美国的Imgur用户Wickensworth发表了一个文并配图: “我的朋友随机入住了一个酒店,然后就发生了这种情况” 目前,这篇照片已经被点击了300多万次,很多人饶有兴趣的问,“所以这件到底是谁穿着好看?是你的朋友还是墙壁?”The picture shows Wickensworth friend in a T-shirt with a peach top section, a black stripe and then a duck-egg blue lower half. The hotel hallway also had a peach painted half, a dark-coloured border and the same coloured blue bottom half. The user friend appeared to be very confused by it too judging from her expression.照片中可见,Wickensworth的朋友穿了一件顶部搭配桃色,中间有黑色的线条,下半部是鸭蛋青色的T恤而这个酒店的墙壁上半部正好也漆成了桃色,中间是暗黑色的边线,下面一样也是鸭蛋青色而从表情上判断,Wickensworth的朋友看起来似乎非常困惑The image, which has been viewed 3,,000 times since it was posted yesterday, saw plenty of jokes on the unusual occurrence.这张图片昨天刚被发上来,仅仅一天时间点击量就超过了300次,人们对这个小概率事件开了很多玩笑Imgur user TheDarkCanuck wrote: Well one of us is going to have to change and Spune posted: Is the hotel made of shirt or is her shirt made of hotel?Imgur用户TheDarkCanuck留言说道:“看来我们中的一个得换身衣了” Spune留言说道,“是这个旅馆模仿了她的T恤,还是她的T恤模仿了这个旅馆呢?”And user ChaosOne seemed to think it was a sign of something spooky to come.用户ChaosOne 则认为这可能预示着一些灵异事件的发生MissAndain pointed out the strange happening could be worse. There could be twin girls on trikes behind you, in reference to The Shining.MissAndain指出这个怪现象“可能会更糟身后有可能是电影《闪灵中骑在三轮车上的双胞胎女孩”In the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, Jack Nicholson agrees to become a caretaker the Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies, and takes his wife Wendy and son Danny along the ride. Danny later sees two murdered girls appear in the corridor in front of him while riding on a tricycle.在1980年斯坦利·库布里克拍摄的这部电影里,杰克·尼科尔森主演的角色同意负责看管科罗拉多州深山中的远望旅馆,并带着他的妻子温迪和儿子丹尼一起搬了进去之后,丹尼看到了两个被谋杀的女孩骑着三轮车出现在旅馆走廊 5383 5.Kerguelen Islands5.凯尔盖朗群岛Also known as the ;Desolation Islands; their sheer distance from any kind of civilization, the Kerguelen Islands are a small archipelago located in the southern Indian Ocean. There is no airstrip on the islands, and to get to them travelers must take a six-day boat ride from Reunion, a small island located off the coast of Madagascar. The islands have no native population, but like Antarctica, which lies several hundred miles south, the Kerguelens have a year-round population of scientists and engineers from France, which claims them as a territory.南印度洋上的;荒岛;,凯尔盖朗群岛,因其远离世界上其他文明而为人们知晓由于岛上没有飞机跑道,想要一饱眼福的游客只能够从靠近马达加斯加的小岛留尼旺登船,经过六天的航行才能到达这个岛上并没有土著居民,不过就像在它南边几百英里的南极洲一样,凯尔盖朗群岛一年到头也住有一群人,他们就是对该岛主张主权的法国科学家和工程师The islands do have something of a storied past, and since they were first discovered in 7 they have been visited by a number of different biologists and explorers, including Captain James Cook, who made a brief stop on the archipelago in 76. Today the island is primarily a scientific center, but it also holds a satellite, a French missile defense system, and even serves as a sort of refuge a particular type of French cattle that has become endangered on the mainland.过去,在这个岛上还发生过一些故事从7年人们首次登岛至今,已经有一大批不同的生物学家和探险家踏上这片土地,其中就包括詹姆斯·库克船长詹姆斯曾经于76年在该群岛短暂停留这个群岛现在实际上已经成为了一个科学考察中心但是,它也配有一颗卫星,还有一套法国导弹防御系统,同时还是一种在欧洲大陆上已经濒临灭绝的法国公牛的避难所.Pitcairn Island.皮特凯恩岛Pitcairn Island is a tiny speck of land located nearly dead in the center of the southern Pacific Ocean. Its closest neighbors are the Gambier Islands and Tahiti to the West, but even these are several hundred miles away. The island, which is the last remaining British territory in the Pacific, has a standing population of some fifty people, many of whom are descended from crewmembers of the famed HMS Bounty.皮特凯恩岛,是孤悬在太平洋中南部的小岛,其近邻分别是西边的甘比尔群岛和塔希提岛,虽然说是距离最近的,但是也相距700多英里皮特凯恩群岛是英国在太平洋的最后一块领地,常住居民50人左右,其中很多都是著名英国皇家军舰慷慨号船员的后代In 89, the Bounty was the setting a now-legendary mutiny, when crewmembers enchanted by the idyllic life of the native Pacific islanders overthrew their commander, burned their ship in a nearby bay, and settled on Pitcairn. Today, the descendants of those sailors mostly make their living off of farming, fishing, and selling their extremely rare postage stamps to collectors, but even with modern transportation they still remain one of the most isolated commies in the world. There is no airstrip on the island, and getting there from the mainland requires hopping a ride on a shipping boat out of New Zealand, a journey that can take as long as ten days.89年,慷慨号发生了现在看来具有传奇色的叛变:船员迷恋上太平洋岛屿原住民的美好生活,罢免了船长,并且在皮特凯恩群岛附近一个海湾烧毁了船只,定居在皮特凯恩岛上如今,这些慷慨号船员的后代大都以农业、渔业以及向集邮者售卖他们稀有的邮票为生但尽管有现代交通工具,皮特凯恩群岛的居民仍然是世界上被隔离的群体由于岛上没有飞机跑道,所以从大陆到达那里需要从新西兰乘船出发,再飞一程,整个行程要耗费长达十天左右的时间3.Alert, Nunavut, Canada3.加拿大努勒维特,阿勒特Located in Canada on the tip of the Nunavut territory, Alert is a small village that lies on the Arctic Ocean only 500 miles below the North Pole. It is widely considered to be the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world (with a whopping five year-round residents), and also one of the most inhospitable. Temperatures in Alert, which also serves as a Canadian radio receiving facility and a weather laboratory, can get as low as 0 degrees below zero, and because of its location at the top of the Earth, the camp alternates between -hour sunlight during the summer and -hour darkness during the winter.阿勒特是位于加拿大努勒维特地区顶端的一个小村庄,频临北冰洋,距离北极也只有500英里人们普遍认为阿勒特是地球最北端但仍有人长期居住的地方(有居民曾在那里居住长达五年的时间)而且由于当地温度太低,最低温度可低达零下0摄氏度,所以这里也是最不适宜人类居住的地方阿勒特还是无线电接收站和气象研究室,由于其位于地球最顶部,所以一年冬夏两季就在极昼和极夜之间变化The nearest town to Alert is a small fishing village some 1,300 miles away, and you would have to travel nearly twice that distance to reach major cities like Quebec. Because of its military function, Alert does have an airport, but because of weather it is often unusable. In 1991, a C-0 aircraft crashed there when its pilot misjudged his altitude and brought his plane down 19 miles short of the runway. people died in the crash, and another perished while waiting a rescue party, which took nearly 30 hours to make the short journey to the site because of a blizzard.距离阿勒特最近的小镇是一个小渔村,大约00英里;如果要到魁北克等大城市,你还得走这么远出于军事需要,所以那里设有机场,但是由于天气原因,机场经常不能使用1991年,一架c-0军用运输机曾在这里坠毁飞行员对于飞行高度判断错误,飞机降落后离跑道还差19英里,从而酿成了悲剧事故造成人遇难,而且由于遭遇暴风雪,救援队历经将近30个小时才赶到救援地点,另有一名遇难者在等待救援时不幸身亡.Motuo County, China.中国,墨脱县Considered the last county in China without a road leading to it, Motuo is a small commy in the Tibetan Autonomous Region that remains one of the few places in Asia still untouched by the modern world. Just getting to Motuo is a Herculean task, as travelers must follow a grueling overland route through frozen parts of the Himalayas bee crossing into the county by way of a 0-meter-long suspension bridge. The county is renowned its beauty—Buddhist scripture regards it as Tibet holiest land—and it is said to be a virtual Eden of plant life, housing one-tenth of all flora in China. Despite its stunning geography and natural resources, Motuo still remains something of an island unto itself. Millions of dollars have been spent over the years in trying to build a serviceable road to it, but all attempts have eventually been abandoned because of mudslides, avalanches, and a generally volatile landscape. As the story goes, in the early 90s a makeshift highway was built that led from the outside world into the heart of Mutuo County. It lasted only a few days bee becoming un-passable, and was soon reclaimed by the dense est.墨脱是西藏自治区的一个小村落,是中国最后一个没有通公路的地方,而西藏仍然是亚洲少数几个没有与现代社会接轨的地区之一游客必须踏上异常难走的道路,穿过喜马拉雅山脉的冰川地带,然后再跨过0米长的悬索桥,这样才能进入墨脱县,所以说游客若想进入墨脱是非常困难的事情佛经认为,墨脱县是西藏最圣神的地方墨脱因其壮美而举世闻名,人们认为这里是植物真正的伊甸园:墨脱拥有的植物种类占到中国植物志种类的十分之一尽管拥有惊人的地理条件和丰富的自然资源,但墨脱仍是与世隔绝的地方在过去的几年里,人们为了修建一条通向墨脱的公路,已经花费了数百万美元,但因为泥石流、雪崩和无常的地形,最终这些努力无果而终据说,在上世纪90年代初,人们修建了一条由外界通向墨脱县的临时公路但这条临时公路只使用了几天便无法通行,随后就被茂密的森林所覆盖1.Tristan da Cunha1.特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛The single most remote inhabited place in the world, Tristan de Cunha is an archipelago of small islands located in the southern Atlantic Ocean. The nearest land to the island is South Africa, which is roughly 1,700 miles away, while the South American coast lies at a distance of about ,000 miles. Despite its tiny size and astonishing isolation, Tristan de Cunha has enjoyed a rich history. The island was first discovered in by a Portuguese explorer, and was later annexed by the British, who feared the French might use it as a point of departure to rescue Napoleon, who had been exiled to nearby St. Helena. A small group of British, Italian, and American settlers began living on the island in the 1800s, and it is still under the U.K. jurisdiction today. The islands now have a total population 71 people, most of whom are descended from those original settlers and make their living as farmers and craft makers. Although the island now has some television stations and access to the internet via satellite, it is still the most physically isolated location on planet earth. The island rocky geography makes building an airstrip impossible, so the only way to travel to it is by boat. It was once regularly connected to South Africa by a British transport ship, but this vessel has since stopped calling on the island, and outside of the occasional cargo vessel, now the only visitors to Tristan da Cunha are deep sea fishing boats.特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛是全世界最偏远而有人居住的岛屿,位于南大西洋,是由一些小岛组成的群岛特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛距离最近的大陆南非,约有00英里,而距离南美海岸大约00英里虽然其面积很小也非常偏僻,但是特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛却有着丰富的历史一位葡萄牙探险家于年首次发现了它,这个岛后来就成为了英国的海外领地,因为英国人担心法国人会将其作为营救拿破仑的出发地——拿破仑当时被流放到了圣赫勒拿岛19世纪,由英国人、意大利人和美国人组成的一小群人开始在特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛生活,现如今,该岛仍然属于英国的管辖范围该岛现有人口71人,大部分是原始定居者的后裔,以农业和手工业为生现在,岛上虽有几个电视频道,也可以通过卫星上网,但从地理位置来说,仍是地球上最偏僻的地方因为岛上多岩石,建设飞机跑道是不可能的事,所以前往该岛的唯一办法就是乘船过去,它曾通过一艘英国运输船定期与南非往来,但这条船已经不再去了现在,除了偶尔的货船,唯一到访特里斯坦-达库尼亚岛的就是深海捕渔船了翻译:梅子九 前十网 36渭南那家医院看阳痿比较厉害渭南泌尿生殖泌尿专科有泌尿科吗




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