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渭南市 包皮手术

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I#39;m not a big fan of these genetically modified fruits and vegs... We always end up losing half our inventory...我可不是这些转基因水果和蔬菜的忠实粉丝……我们总是以失去一半库存的代价告终(因为这些转基因蔬菜、水果成精了?)…… /201701/487847。

Although I have not taken an official trip to China I got a transit visa there for one day when I had an unplanned long layover at the airport at Guangzhou on my way back to the US from India. I was surprised that the airline accommodated me at a hotel (thanks to China Southern Airlines for their generosity). I had twelve hours free to explore so I left the hotel and walked around for a while. I came upon a big food market. To my surprise there were all kinds of live animals being sold for food including crabs snakes lizards spiders turtles and a variety of sea creatures (some I didn’t even recognize).虽然我没有正式访问过中国,但有次我从印度飞回美国的时候意外的在广州机场获得了为期一天的过境签。我很惊讶航空公司竟然为我安排了宾馆住宿(感谢中国南方航空公司的慷慨)。我有12个小时可以去逛,所以我离开酒店随便走走。我来到了一个大的食材市场。当场就震惊了,那里有各种各样的活着的动物作为食材来卖,包括螃蟹、蛇、蜥蜴、蜘蛛、海龟和各种各样的海洋生物(有些我甚至都不认识)。As a vegetarian this was a totally different kind of food than I was used to and was a totally new experience for me. When I got back home I had to look it up and found that these are all actually common foods in southern China.作为一个素食主义者,这与我平常吃的相比简直太太太不同了,这对我来说也是一项全新的体验。回到家后我赶紧查了一下,结果发现这些实际上都是中国南方很常见的食物。Hopefully I get to go back to China someday and explore more!希望某天我再次回到中国,然后探索更多的东西!I eventually retrieved my lens (never repaired) and spent the next 5 days wondering why the hell I#39;d ever bought a ticket to China. I was treated like zoo animal. Poked my hair pulled people photographing and taping me like I was some sort of spectacle. Just when I was y to retreat I hopped a train south into the rural countryside and that#39;s when I fell head over heels with the rest of China. My advice? Get the hell out of the big cities and run to the countryside.我终于取回了我的镜头(没有修理)在接下来5天里我在想,为什么我买了张票来中国。我像动物园的动物一样被对待。拉扯我的头发,跟我照相/录像,好像我是什么珍稀物种。直到我准备离开,跳上南下去农村的火车,这时我才从头到脚体验了宁静的中国。我的建议?让大城市见鬼去吧,去农村转转。There are some interesting things I notice during my single one week travel to Shanghai in 2015. Contrary to my assumption about them before coming I found them kind and hospitable towards their guest and would do efforts to make their guests comfortable despite their lack in English.2015年我一个人去上海玩了一周,发现了一些有趣的事情。和我来之前设想的正相反,我发现他们对待客人善良又热情,尽可能让客人感觉舒适,尽管他们英语并不好。Massive amount of food they serve. They seemed never let the tables and plates empty during dining and endlessly offer the guest to try all the food they serve.他们提供大量丰盛的食物。就好像在吃饭时从不让盘子空着,不让桌子有上有空隙。不断的向客人提供所有他们能品尝的食物。Seems everyone drink alcohol. I don’t know if that’s applicable to all Chinese but people I’ve met all drink alcohol with their meal. And they insisted that their guests drink alcohol too. I’ve told them that I don’t drink alcohol but they insisted that I should drunk. I hate to brought up religion matters but seeing that they still insisted I eventually told them that I don’t drink because of my religion (and should have been clear to them because of my look I wear hijab). But still they persuaded me that drink alcohol was part of their hospitality toward guests and that I should be OK drinking it because I was in China lol每个人都喝酒。我不知道是不是所有中国人都这样,我遇到的所有人都在吃饭时喝酒。他们还坚持劝客人们喝酒。我已经告诉他们我不喝酒,然而他们还坚持我应该喝一点。我不愿意拿出宗教来说事,但是看到他们仍在坚持,我终于告诉他们我不喝酒是因为我的宗教(他们应该早就知道,因为我穿着头巾--穆斯林妇女宗教饰)。但是他们仍然说我喝酒,因为这是他们热情招待客人的一部分,而且认为我喝了也没关系,因为我在中国。哈哈!How wide their roads are. They seem to build infinite length of road that are really really wide.他们的路是这么宽。他们似乎修建无限长的道路,真的非常非常宽。 /201703/495715。

The authorities in Southwest China#39;s Tibet Autonomous Region kicked off an annual campaign last Saturday to clean up rubbish left by climbers on the north slope of the world#39;s highest peak, Mount Qomolangma.中国西南部的西藏自治区政府,上周六发起了一年一度的垃圾清理运动,旨在清理登山客攀登世界之巅珠穆朗玛峰时留下的垃圾。The campaign will last for nine days and focus on campsites between 5,200 and 6,500 meters above sea level, the area that is scattered with the most trash, the China News Service reported, citing staff from the Tibet Mountaineering Association.《中国新闻社》援引西藏登山协会工作人员的话称,这次活动将持续九天,重点清理海拔在5200米到6500米的宿营地,因为这一区域垃圾最多。The campaign is being jointly carried out by national and regional mountaineering associations, the Tibet sports bureau and local governments.这次运动是由国家和地区级登山协会与西藏体育局、当地政府联合发起的。Much of the garbage scattered on the slopes of the mountain, commonly known in the West as Mount Everest, is made up of bottles, cans, food packaging, tents, oxygen tanks and climbing ropes.垃圾集中分布在珠穆朗玛峰的西坡,主要有瓶子、罐子、食品包装袋、帐篷、氧气罐和登山绳。More than 4,000 climbers have scaled Mount Qomolangma since New Zealand#39;s Edmund Hillary became the first person to do so in 1953. Since April, over 210 climbers have attempted to scale the mountain from the north side.自从新西兰的埃德蒙·希拉里首次登顶成功后,目前已经有超过4000名登山爱好者来征珠穆朗玛了。从今年四月开始,就有超过210名登山客从北坡登山。As the number of visitors grows, the authorities are working to protect the mountain and the region.随着游客数量的增多,当地政府也在努力维护山峰以及该地区的生态环境。The Tibet forestry bureau said in a circular that it has banned visitors from passing through the Changtang National Nature Reserve - China#39;s biggest and highest reserve - to access other areas, as a measure to protect the environment, the Xinhua News Agency reported.据《新华社》报道,西藏林业局在一则通知中表示,禁止游客横穿中国最大、海拔最高的自然保护区--羌塘国家自然保护区,这一措施旨在保护当地的生态环境。 /201705/509132。

The Nobel Prize award ceremony was held last Saturday in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. US musician Bob Dylan, the laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature, was absent, citing ;pre-existing commitments;.诺贝尔奖颁奖典礼于上周六在瑞典首都斯德哥尔举行,诺贝尔文学奖得主、美国音乐人鲍勃·迪伦因;已经约定好的其他事情;缺席典礼。The 75-year-old was the first singer-songwriter awarded the literature prize.75岁的迪伦是首位被授予诺贝尔文学奖的唱作人。Azita Raji, the US ambassador to Sweden, delivered a speech from Dylan at the Nobel banquet.美国驻瑞典大使阿兹塔·拉齐在诺贝尔宴会上代为朗读了迪伦的感言。;If someone had ever told me that I had the slightest chance of winning the Nobel prize, I would have to think that I#39;d have about the same odds as standing on the moon,; he wrote.迪伦写道:;如果以前有人告诉我,我或许有一丝机会得到诺贝尔奖,我会认为这跟我能站在月球上的概率差不多。;;From an early age, I#39;ve been familiar with and ing and absorbing the works of those who were deemed worthy of such a distinction: Kipling, Shaw, Thomas Mann, Pearl Buck, Albert Camus, Hemingway.;;从小,我就熟悉、阅读和充分汲取那些被认为值得获得该项殊荣的人的作品,如吉卜林、萧伯纳、托马斯·曼、赛珍珠、加缪、海明威。;;These giants of literature whose works are taught in the schoolroom, housed in libraries around the world and spoken of in reverent tones have always made a deep impression. That I now join the names on such a list is truly beyond words.;;这些文学巨匠的作品在学堂上被讲授、在世界各地的图书馆被珍藏、被人们虔诚地谈论,它们给我留下了深刻印象。如今能加入这样的名列,我的心情无以言表。; /201612/484217。

To like or not to like...喜欢还是厌恶……(模仿《哈姆雷特》中的名句;To be or not to be, that#39;s a question.(生存还是毁灭,这是一个值得考虑的问题);)If Hamlet was written today如果《哈姆雷特》成书于今天的话 /201703/498099。

Anyone up for accompanying me to pilates?有人陪伴我去普拉提吗?And thus the auto shop was changed for ever汽车4S店从此永远改变了 /201610/469964。

HELP! EVERYTHING IS DYING!救命!一切都要灭绝了!New super villain: Accountantman新型超级恶棍:会计 /201701/487236。